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Sunday, July 21, 2013

My Parents All Expense Paid Trip To Shaklee in California!!

If you are a follower of my blog, then you probably are aware that I have been having some serious computer issues lately. It has been tricky to get posts up  here but I am forging through it and trying to get more regular stuff up these days. Thanks for hanging with me!

Here is a post that I have been wanting to put up for a couple of months now....

It is all about my parents who went on an all-expense paid trip to 


They did this in May and it was a trip they earned as new FastTrack Directors in Shaklee! They were attendees at the Shaklee New Directors Conference where they were treated as royalty and were wined and dined for 4 days!! I am so proud of their accomplishments!

Shaklee Headquarters are in Pleasanton, California which is near the Bay area of CA.

My parents started using Shaklee products 38 years ago!
Here is a great picture of them on the vineyard tour and dinner while they were there.

The company started in 1956 and is the #1 natural nutrition company in the US. I grew up with the awesome non-toxic cleaners and whole food supplements and continue to use them with my growing family today along with their skin care, personal care, weight loss and sports nutrition. One thing I love about Shaklee is there is something for everyone.

When my mom retired from teaching a few years back, she decided she wanted to start working on her Shaklee business. So she and my dad went to work and have been enjoying the benefits of sharing this great company and its products while helping people enjoy better health and wealth. Here they are with Shaklee CEO Roger Barnett.

Here are some more of the highlights from their trip. It started out with a limo picking them up from the airport and were wined and dined throughout their visit. 

They toured the awesome company headquarters building and campus, which is all made from recycled materials. Shaklee was the first climate neutral company, leaving a zero impact on the environment!

My mom with a statue of Dr. Shaklee, who's vision was to keep everything in harmony with nature. He lived into his 90s and was one of the first scientists to develop the multivitamin.

Here is Dr. Shaklee's desk.

Touring the headquarters building and being welcomed to the conference...

And the beautiful campus

A life size Vivix bottle! How cool is that?!

Many US Olympic medal earners use and trust Shaklee nutrition to fuel them in their sporting arenas. I heard some of them speak last year in Las Vegas at the Global conference and look forward to hearing more this year in Nashville!

They really enjoyed the vineyard tour and dinner

My parents had an awesome time! And now I am looking forward to joining them in Nashville soon for the Shaklee Global Conference where they will be honored again and get to cross the Shaklee stage as new FastTrack directors!

Thanks for stopping by! If you are interested in more information on how you can take awesome trips like this and share better health  with your friends and family, please contact me. I am looking for more motivated people on my growing team to JOIN US in this awesome company!

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Have a wonderful day! And please stop by and visit me on Facebook soon where I keep lots of health, wellness and Shaklee updates! See you soon :)


Sunday, July 14, 2013

Family updates!

We have been having a fun summer! The weather has not been so hot so we have been able to enjoy some things outside. Here are a few updates of the boys. It is hard to believe that Benjamin will be 3 in a few weeks and Andrew's 5th birthday is coming soon too! Time really flies!

Here are a few pictures of when we painted part of Andrew's room recently. The boys loved helping!

And we have been enjoying the pool lately too. Andrew took swimming lessons recently. Benjamin's turn is coming this week and he is so excited. He wanted to be part of the fun so he insisted on wearing his goggles while we watched his brother swim. Isn't this picture hilarious? 

Andrew liked wearing his goggles too.

We met up with David for lunch at Purdue the other day. They have a Farmers Market there on Thursdays so we packed part of our lunch and bought the rest and then the boys had a blast at the Purdue fountain.

The boys and I enjoyed RiverFest recently on the Wabash. There were a ton of family friendly things to do there. Here they are posing with the DARE police officer.

And rolling on the mat collecting "pollution" on their vest.

We got to pet and feed a pony and Benjamin even wanted to ride on one. Andrew decided to sit that part out. :)

After lunch we had some snow cones. Can you tell which flavor Benjamin picked? :)

 The boys wanted to walk across the bridge to get a better view of the canoe races.

We walked over to the  train depot where  I have been playing in the Citizens band. We stopped on the bridge and the boys were so hopeful they would see a train. We waited, and waited, and finally I  said I didn't think any trains were running and we should head home. But then.....

A TRAIN!!! Right under where we were sitting! It was really cool to see. And it was also LOUD as you can see from Benjamin here. :)

It was the highlight of their day!

 How has your summer been? I hope you are enjoying it!

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day!!


Monday, July 1, 2013

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Shaklee is the #1 Natural Nutrition Company in the US and guarantees:

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Have a great day!!


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