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Sunday, August 18, 2013

My Trip to the Shaklee Global Conference in Nashville!

My family and I recently drove down to Nashville for the Shaklee Global Conference and vacation. (We also drove to Mississippi and Kentucky but I will post pictures from those stops later) We had an awesome time in Nashville! Here are a few of the highlights from conference...

The Gaylord Opryland Hotel was BEAUTIFUL!!!! So many gardens, flowers, rivers, great food, awesome people...we could not complain at all. I did need a compass to get around however. That place is huge!

Here is a picture of the Shaklee banner at the registration area. Some of the conference was here and the main sessions were at the Bridgestone Arena downtown. There were just too many of us to fit at the Gaylord! :)

We celebrated my son's 3rd Birthday while we were in Nashville. He loved it because it seemed like we were celebrating for a week with different friends and family members. :)

My parents were also at the conference and became new FastTrack Directors in Shaklee last September. You can read about their Free trip out to California HERE. Here we are out to eat with them celebrating Benjamin's Birthday!

Hanging out watching my family swim in one of the Gaylord pools. The weather was perfect!

The theme throughout this Conference was The Shaklee Effect, which is how each person can make a positive effect in other people's lives. This is true for every day life. If you think that you are just one person and you can't possibly do great things, you are wrong. We all have it in us to do good and to impact another person's life in a positive way. Love that!!!

A fun thing for me at this conference was being able to celebrate my parents success there. They have been using Shaklee products for 38 years now! It wasn't until retirement a few years ago however, that my mom got serious about the Shaklee business and they are doing great. They crossed the Shaklee stage being recognized twice at conference and were VIPs in the Star Achiever Lounge. Awesome!

One thing that I love about Conference is connecting with people. Here I am with my wonderful upline and mentor in Shaklee, Joyce Hoffmann. She and her husband Chuck have been with Shaklee for 43 years now and have earned a six figure income with  Shaklee for the last 36 years. Joyce is a retired registered nurse and Chuck a former high  school teacher and coach. 

Joyce and Chuck were also part of the Million Dollar earners parade. I was so amazed at how many people have achieved that in Shaklee!

I also ran into the top distributors of the year for the last two years, Shawn and Carmen Gray! They have built a very successful business in China and are such nice people.

Here are my parents crossing the stage with their Tiffany Box that they earned:) They are the ones in dark clothing waving.

And my mom shaking CEO Roger Barnett's hand...

I went to the Shaklee Future Leader party that they have for people under 40 one night of the conference. It is so much fun and is so great to see Shaklee CEO Roger Barnett there socializing with all of us. I was happy to catch a picture with him and he is so gracious to take as many as people ask. He really is a nice and terrific guy!

Roger spent millions of dollars researching a company to invest his time and money into almost 10 years ago now. He is very sincere and has such a great vision for our company - to have Shaklee in 50  countries (currently in 8) and for Shaklee to win a Nobel Peace Prize. We have already planted over a million trees! 

Here is Roger giving a great talk at the Future Leaders party

One thing I personally love about Roger is that he is a musician (and a talented one!) He and his family traditionally play and sing for us at the end of conference. His family is so talented too. Such a fun night!
Thousands of people came to the conference. It is such a fun time!

The speakers are always so fantastic and inspiring. Here are some US Olympic Athletes with Roger and Sloan's three kids. Among the speakers were pentathletes Eli Bremer and Margaux Isaksen and brother divers Justin, Troy and Dwight Dumais.

The athletes spoke about how much they use and trust Shaklee nutrition to fuel their body. Olympians are subjected to random drug testing at any point. There have been other athletes who were taking other companies supplements and unknowingly ended up testing positive for performance enhancing drugs. Shaklee's sports nutrition products are wonderful. I use them and love them too:)

Celebrity trainer, Harley Pasternak also spoke and gave us a kick butt workout at the conference. Here we are in plank position. I felt like I was about to die! lol. There were 500 of us who signed up for this and even more signed up onsight that day. It was so fun! I was a few feet away from Jacqui McCoy, from the show Extreme Weight loss. CEO Roger Barnett was also there sweating with us. :)
Harley uses and recommends Shaklee 180 products too!

Jacqui McCoy was also a speaker and had such an inspiring weight loss story! After her reality TV show appearance she started using Shaklee 180 and now loves sharing her success with people. She looks amazing!

We heard so many awesome Shaklee 180 success stories. 
Dan and Janeen were one of the 180 contest winners and were so inspiring and so much fun!

Shaklee 180 is the program that helped me to drop the baby weight 3 years ago after having my kids and helped me to keep it off! I love this program so much and love the new Vanilla Chai smoothee and Toffee Chocolate crunch snack bar that they launched at conference!

We had a great session on Shaklee 180 on Saturday morning and the room was packed!

One of the fun things about Shaklee conference is all of the trips and incentive announcements! Who wants to join me in Carmen de Playa?.....or maybe Bali?!

Another really cool thing about conference is seeing how many people come from places other then the US! Shaklee is currently in 8 countries! Canada was well represented there. And China is really booming with  Shaklee right now too! The reality show Biggest Loser China will feature the Shaklee 180 program this fall! Love that! If you know people outside of the US who may be looking for products or the awesome Shaklee opportunity, please message me. Would love to talk with them and help them with what they are looking for. :)

There were some wonderful product displays. This is Shaklee's Vitalizer, which I take daily. It even makes an awesome prenatal for expecting mothers. Shaklee has 12 patents alone on the smart release system where each vitamin gets to the right place in your body for optimal health benefits before breaking down. The 2007 landmark study at Berkley College showed how long term users of Shaklee supplements had overall improved health then people who were taking another multivitamin or no vitamins. I love the energy I get when I take this and everyone who orders a box gets a Free Shaklee membership! Love that!

One of my favorite things about conference is all of the friends I meet there, new and old. Here is a picture of  some of the wonderful group on Sharing Shaklee facebook. It was so fun to meet up in person!

Thanks for taking a look! I hope you enjoyed the pictures and information. If you would like more information on anything I posted please contact me! Or you can visit me on my Facebook Page for health and wellness tips and information.

Have a great day!!!

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