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Thursday, October 24, 2013

My Promotion!!!

Hello Friends! I am back to blogging! I am super excited because my new computer arrived today and although I am posting from my old one, I will soon be up and running on something so much more reliable so I know that I will not lose an entire post in the middle of working on it. So frustrating when that happens!

I also want to say THANK YOU to all of my prayer warriors and supporters out there. All of the kind words, thoughts, personal stories of loss that you shared, emails, calls and cards were so appreciated. We are doing better now. Still sad but trusting in God's plan for our family.

On a happier note -

Today I am excited to share that....

I Was Promoted to 
SHAKLEE FastTrack Director!!!

Many of you know that I grew up with Shaklee. My parents found Shaklee in 1975, before I was born, after my mom had some health issues and her doctor told her she would need a hysterectomy. My mom started taking Shaklee supplements and turned her health around, which is pretty lucky for me otherwise I wouldn't be here today to write this! :) And Shaklee helped me turn my own health around in August of 2010 when my youngest son was born premature and was very sick. The nutritional products helped me to get through that stressful time and also helped me to get to a healthy weight again and maintain it!

You can read more about my Shaklee story that I wrote last year HERE. 

When I first started as a Shaklee distributor in June of 2010, I treated it as a hobby and really wasn't looking to do more then casually share products I love with other mom friends while I stayed home with my son. My first check after the first month was $6! I was pretty happy with that considering I didn't feel like I did much to earn that. I earned a bonus check every month since and every month it started to grow. 

A year ago I got more focused on sharing Shaklee because I saw how good Shaklee is and how it really can help people gain better health and also wealth! My parents, who are my upline in Shaklee, also got serious about their business in their retirement and were promoted to Director a year ago. And this month they were promoted to Shaklee Senior Director!!! They took an awesome all expense paid trip last May to the company headquarters in Northern California for the New Directors Conference. You can read about that HERE.  And You can read about their first promotion and what that entails HERE.

Last year my business started to grow more as I became more focused. And recently I was promoted to Director!!! 

I went from a $6 check when I first started to my most recent bonus check of over $900!!! 

And am in qualification to earn 2 Free Tickets to Shaklee's next Global Conference in Long Beach, CA in August, which is around a $500 value!

I am a new Power Up Director so I just earned my first $100 additional BONUS for that!! woo - hoo!! Just got that email so wanted to add that. I will get another $100 bonus for each additional month I maintain my position for the next 4 consecutive months! Love it! :)

A few facts about this company:

Shaklee is pioneer in the largest growth industries that are projected to grow by nearly $1 Trillion over the next 10 years!

-Shaklee is the #1 Natural Nutrition Company in the US.
-It has been around for a very long time - since 1956!
-Shaklee has lead the nutritional industry and the environmental industry with new and innovative products.
-Oprah, Dr. Oz, Rachael Ray and the WHITE HOUSE use Shaklee cleaners!
-Dr. Shaklee made the first multivitamin in 1915
-Shaklee was the first company to make the first environmentally safe cleaning product in 1960 - Basic H
-Shaklee is the first and only company to be Climate Neutral, leaving a zero impact on the environment
-We have over 100 published articles in scientific peer-reviewed journals
-Shaklee products are used by NASA and many world class explorers!
-Many US Olympians trust and use Shaklee Nutrition
-Shaklee was granted many patents on several of our products
-Shaklee's earnings and benefits plan is outstanding and exciting with the opportunity to earn a part time or very nice full time income as well as cars, trips and any dream you can imagine!

Shaklee products are not luxuries but rather things that people use every day. By redirecting my family's spending, I am able to buy products we already were using through  my business! Love that!

My team is GROWING!!! It is exciting and really rewarding. And there is room for you! I am looking for more motivated business partners to join my team. If you are looking for a part time or full time income, let's talk soon to see if Shaklee is a good fit for you!! I will give you the training and the tools you need to succeed at reaching your goals! Join Me!

You can learn more about Shaklee and the earnings plan HERE. And also learn more on this quick video. If you can't see the video then you can view it HERE.

Thanks for reading! Watch for more posts to come.  I would love for you to join me on Facebook soon!

Have a great day:)


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