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Monday, February 28, 2011

clogged drain and tough stains - be gone!

I had a clogged bathroom sink recently. This picture really doesn't do justice to how bad the clog was.

I found a great recipe to unclog it that worked really well:

Recipe for a Shaklee Drain Cleaner

1 oz Basic H2

1 Tbsp Scour Off

1 Tbsp Dish Wash Liquid Concentrate

1 Gal Water

Boil 1 cup of water-add first 3 ingredients-pour contents into a clogged drain-follow up with approximately 1
gallon of water.

Boiling the water

After I added the 3 ingredients

after I poured the mixture down the drain

and after! no more clog! It worked really well and the best part was that the ingredients I used were all natural. There weren't any harsh chemicals or fumes. It was awesome and SO easy! Love that!

I also found another quick recipe for really, really tough stains. I haven't had a use for this recipe yet, so I don't have pictures. But here it is:

1/4 cup Fresh Liquid Laundry

1/4 cup Nature Bright Laundry Booster

Mix in a pail of hot water, add your soiled items and let soak up to 5 days!

I have heard that this works REALLY well and completely safe even for fabrics which are not supposed to be washed like a wedding gown.

I hope these easy and completely safe household tips are helpful to you! Thanks for reading!

Oh, and please stop by my friend Rebecca's Blog for your chance to win FREE Basic H2 - enough to mix one bottle of all purpose cleaner and one bottle of window/glass cleaner! It's easy to enter! :)

Thanks and have a great and healthy week!


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  1. Thanks for this great information. I have a slow drain in my bathroom sink and I will have to try this.


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