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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Natural Cleaning Part 5 - Dish Detergents

We've made it to the 5th and final Natural Cleaning post - Dish Detergents!

The last few weeks I have shared how I clean my house naturally.

Part 1 was about my favorite household cleaner.

Part 2 was about my favorite scouring cleaner.

Part 3 was about my favorite germicide.
Part 4 was about my favorite Laundry products.

My husband and I de-toxed our home a few years ago and now use only three non-toxic cleaners for the whole house! It's so great to reduce and not worry!

So today it's Dishes!

Who likes to do dishes? Yeah, me neither. But of course we all have dishes to do. Unless you can afford to have someone do them for you. Or have a really great spouse or roommate who does them all of the time. Wow, wouldn't that be nice?

If you have read my past posts, then you can probably guess that I use Shaklee's dish detergents. Shaklee is the #1 natural nutrition company in the US and something I have known about all of my life as my parents have been using their products for 37 years now! The dish detergents are wonderful and like the other products I talked about, very concentrated so good for the budget too.

I love the Dish Washer Automatic Powder Concentrate. It works really well. You only need 1 scoop (2 tsp.) in the dispenser cup. In hard water areas you may need more unless you have a softener.

Cleaning Credentials:

Biodegradable Surfactants
No Phosphates
No Chlorine

So it is complete safe for you, your family and also the environment! Love it!

Side note: Once a month or so, I add a little straight Basic H2 Organic Super cleaning concentrate into the rinse aide in my dishwasher. This helps to sparkle up my glasses beautifully!  

For doing dishes by hand, I love the Hand Dish Wash Liquid Concentrate. This is a pretty amazing product as you only need a few drops per sink load and maybe a drop or so on your sponge per dish. I use this awesome and washable microfiber sponge. They say it's an exercise in restraint and it is if you are used to a ton of suds. I know many people feel that suds equal clean. But that really isn't the case. Too many suds can actually be bad for your pipes (both in the kitchen and laundry room). I like to put about a tablespoon per cup of water into a foaming bottle. Works great!

I love the light fresh scent of this product. And it is so gentle on my sensitive skin.  My parents have been using it for 37 years in their house that does not have a dishwasher! I know, I can't even imagine not having a dish washer!! So they use this product every day and do you know that they have only had a plumber to the house one time?! It is a degreaser so it will keep your pipes clean. No more use for toxic drain cleaners. Awesome!!

Cleaning Credentials:

Biodegradable surfactants
No Phosphates

Like all of Shaklee's products, these come with a 100% money back guarantee. And members or distributors save at least an additional 15% always. If you are interested in any of the cleaners, you may want to take a look at the various Get Clean Kits. You would spend $3400 with other cleaning products to get the same amount of clean with the Get Clean Starter Kit because the products are so concentrated!!

Thanks for checking in. I hope these posts have been useful to you. Stop by and visit me on Facebook soon!

Have a great day!


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