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Monday, September 24, 2012

How I Clean my House Naturally - Part 2: Scour Off

Welcome to part 2 of my cleaning posts! Last week I talked about how I love to clean my house with my favorite non-toxic cleaner, Basic H2.
Today I will talk about Scour Off Heavy Duty Paste!

Non-toxic, Natural Abrasives, No harsh chemicals, Biodegradable Surfactants, No Phosphates

I talked about Scour Off in my first blog post how I detoxed our home and now use only 3 safe products to clean it through Shaklee. I grew up with Shaklee products and supplements as my mom has been using and trusting them for over 37 years now! I am thankful to have them, now that I am a mom too.

Uses of Scour Off:

Scour Off is so great for tough jobs like the oven, stove top, shower, tub, sinks, pots and pans, removes rust and tar off chrome of car, white wall tires, counter tops, corning ware cook tops, oven proof glass, stainless steel, grout, marks off walls and floors (test first) and more! 

It's made from cherry pits so I don't get a headache when I use it. It actually smells really nice. One small container lasts for 1-2 years because you use so little of it to do so much. 

To use, put a little Scour Off on your sponge (I love using my microfiber sponge with this) and a lot of water. 

Here are some before and after pictures of how I have used it.

This is the before of my greasy oven door.

 And the after picture using Scour Off and Basic H2. I love how it shines and you can see me taking the picture in the reflection:)

I have several pictures of my stove top. This was one of the worst messes! Boiled over cranberries!
And after using Scour Off, my microfiber sponge and a lot of water.

Another creation by my little artist - crayon on a cutting board.

And after using the Scour Off, microfiber sponge and water. Easy clean up. Basic H2 also works well with crayon.

I accidentally wrote with permanent marker on our wipe board! The Basic H2 smeared it.

 But the Scour Off removed it!

Some rust from a can on my counter top.

Was no match for Scour Off!  Whew!!

And a sticker on our fireplace glass door.

Came off with Scour Off!

 Thanks for reading! I hope this post was useful. Keep an eye out for the next post in my cleaning series...:)

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Have a great week!


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