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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Organizing Your Books, CDs and DVDs

It's Thursday! Time for more organizing....
If you are just joining us, we have been getting organized using Jennifer Ford Berry's Organize Now book.

It has some great info and tips on organizing various parts of our life and home. You can see past posts here:

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This week we are organizing books, CDs and DVDs. These things can have a tendency to get out of control. Maybe not as much these days though with all of the new technology out there. My husband loves his new Kindle Fire and we are trying to get rid of more physical books. And we have a LOT of books! lol. Same goes for CDs and DVDs. I think people are definitely buying less, and storing them electronically. This is a great solution! But since many of us still have lots of books, CDs and DVDs around, this post will hopefully still be useful.

This Week's Goals:

1. Collect all of your books, CDs and DVDs in your house and vehicle. Put CDs and DVDs back in the correct case and sort into piles: 
1. throw out 2. keep 3. Sell or donate 4. borrowed from a friend

2. Clean bookshelves and put books back that you will keep, according to size. Make a date to return borrowed books. 

As you go through your books, really decide if you still need them. If you have read them and do not need them anymore, consider donating or selling them. Give others the chance to love them as much as you have.

3. Alphabetize your CDs (by artist) and DVDs (by title). Develop a system for storing these things and keep it consistent. (ie - keep all spines facing the same way, etc)

I know many people who keep their CDs in a book like this. Saves on space.


1. Get in the habit of putting your CDs and DVDs away as soon as you are done with them. (this is a work in progress for me!)

2. Consider storing your CDs on one portable electronic device. You don't need the physical CD if you do this, so you could store it in your closet or consider selling or donating it.
3. Keep track of when your library books and DVD rentals are due in your planner. Those late fees can add up fast! 

How do you organize your books, CDs and DVDs?

For more information about organizing, please see the Organize Now book.

Next week we will start a new section of the book: Organize Your High-Traffic areas, starting with the entryway or mudroom. Are you ready??  Am I ready?! lol

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!

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