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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Organizing Your Pet

It's Thursday! Time for more organizing....
If you are just joining us, we have been getting organized using Jennifer Ford Berry's Organize Now book.

It has some great info and tips on organizing various parts of our life and home. You can see past posts here:

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This week we are organizing our pets. Have you ever thought about this? Jennifer says that pets are like children. They have things and things need to be organized. 

Pets are an important part of the family. My husband grew up with a dog named Fudge and I had a cat named Mischief and rabbit named Stu (or Stew if you asked my dad.) and also a hamster named Samantha, when I was young:) My husband and I have also had fish.  We cannot wait to get a dog once our boys are a little older. Right now we have our hands full but plan to adopt a dog in the next couple of years. We are really looking forward to that!

my favorite breed of dog:)

This week's goals:

1. Find a good location for all of your pet's supplies. (toys, bowls, leashes, medicines, etc) This could be in your garage, mudroom, basket near the back door, cabinet, etc. A basket works great for toys if you want your pet to have easy access to them.

2. Get rid of things that your pet no longer needs or uses. This includes cages that are broken or rusted, toys that need to be thrown out, treats they won't eat, toys from a pet that has passed away, etc.

3. Wash all dispensers and bowls for water and food. I have talked about using Basic H2 organic cleaner around my kids. But it is also great and safe to use around pets since it is all natural. 

this looks a lot like my Mischief:)
4. For cat owners - completely empty the litter box and give it a good cleaning. Do this once every month. Your cat will thank you! I remember that my cat refused to use the litter box if it wasn't up to her standards. :)   


5. Organize vet records. Keep a file to keep track of vaccinations, checkups, surgeries, prescriptions, etc. It is important to keep the vaccination record with you if you fly with your pet.

6. Like with children, keep a good pet description, current photo, license number, veterinarian info, etc in case your pet gets lost or for when you travel with him. 

What pet tips can you offer?

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!!


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