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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Organize Your Mail

Happy Thursday! Are you ready to do more organizing? How has it been going for you so far? I hope you have found the posts useful to you so far. I have been enjoying writing them and it has helped me to get more organized in the process.

If you are just joining us, we have been getting organized using Jennifer Ford Berry's Organize Now book.
It has some great info and tips on organizing various parts of our life and home. You can see past posts here:

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This week we are talking about organizing our mail. I don't know about you, but we seem to get a LOT of junk mail. If we aren't careful, it can take over and be so overwhelming. The Organize Now book has some useful tips that can help you develop a system for processing your mail and keeping your home less cluttered from it.

This Week's Goals:

1. Go through all of your mail and get rid of the junk mail

2. Choose one area of your home to deal with your mail. Keep it stocked with stamps, envelopes, return address labels, etc.

3. will take your name off of mailing lists that you don't want to be on. You will not receive coupons if you do this however. We used to stop receiving credit card offers. My husband wrote letters to the companies that kept sending them and eventually, they all stopped.

4. Have a specific place to put bills that need to be paid. Put them on your To Do list. We use a basket for ours.


1. Get a paper shredder if you don't already have one and use it regularly for documents that have confidential information.

2. Pay Bills online

3. Open your mail as soon as you get it. Get rid of junk right away and put important bills on your To Do list to avoid late fees.

I hope that information was useful to you. Thanks again for reading. For more information on organizing your mail, please see Organize Now.

How do you organize your mail?      

Next week we will move into a new section of the book about Organizing Your Things. The first chapter is Organizing Your Child's Toys! Oh boy, here we go!!! :)

Have a great day!


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