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Monday, October 22, 2012

Promoted! My mom's Story

I am super excited to share big news in my shaklee group! My mom and business partner was recently promoted to a new Shaklee 
FastTrack Director!!

What does that mean? Well, it is the first major promotion a person can achieve in Shaklee. She is now a business leader. And she will receive a $500 bonus and be recognized at a special VIP dinner in chicago at the Shaklee regional conference next month! She is also in qualification to earn an all expense paid trip for two to the New Directors Conference happening at company headquarters in the bay area of California! AND she has earned two tickets to the Global conference in Nashville this summer! Additional bonus options are available as she advances in the business.

My parents have been using Shaklee products for 37 years now! My mom has always been a distributor, but always casually sharing during her teaching career. Now that she is retired, she decided to start a business with Shaklee and is finding very good success in sharing products that we both love!

Our Shaklee team is quickly growing! It is really exciting, which is why I wanted to share our group's news with you. I know that some of you out there have considered starting a business of your own. But you wonder if you could do it. What it takes. What the right business would be for you.....

I am excited to share that ANYone can be successful in this business. I never thought I would do anything like this. But when you believe in the products so much because you see first hand how good they are and how they help your family, you can't help but share them. In sharing the products, you help other people get healthier. It's a great thing to be a part of and the bonus is that you get wealthier too! Cash, trips, cars - Shaklee has it all for who ever wants it! And we are the only company that as a FastTrack program where you can decide when you want to jump on it and earn up to 100,000 in 15 months!!! I saw many people earning these bonuses in Las Vegas at the global conference in August!!!

Shaklee is the #1 Natural Nutrition Company in the US. Our CEO, Roger Barnett, is a wonderful leader and visionary for the company and the future of it. Here's a quick clip of Roger explaining why he chose to invest his time and money into Shaklee and how this company and its products are making people healthier and wealthier and how it can help you reach your dreams too!

 The products are wonderful and not luxuries but things that we use and need every day. I have found that providing my friends and family (and their friends and family....) with quality products that they benefit from, a loyal customer base is established that continues to grow.

Shaklee offers:

Green Household Cleaners (super concentrated so they save money)
Cinch Inch Loss Program
Vitamin Skin Care
Anti-aging products
Whole food supplements for children and adults
Sports Nutrition
Pure Water Filters
Non-GMO & Gluten-Free products
And an awesome Earnings and Benefits Plan!

Basically, something for everyone!You can check out my website for more info.

I became a distributor in 2010. I had known about the products my entire life but my husband (who is a scientist working with natural products) and I really started paying attention to the quality and science behind the products a few years ago when we became parents. You can read more about that in My Shaklee Story post.

My mom and I attended the Shaklee Global Conference in Las Vegas in August. It really helped both of us turn our 'Shaklee Hobby' into a Shaklee Business. The statistics show that a person is 20 times more likely to advance in rank after they attend a Shaklee conference. It only took about a month for that to happen for my mom! I was so impressed by how many success stories I heard from people at the conference. People just like me and perhaps you! Many stay at home moms. It was inspiring and when my mom and I returned we went to work. Sharing more. Helping people get healthier and wealthier through natural nutrition. And one thing I really love is that I am not required to do parties, to hold minimums each month to keep my rank, etc. It is flexible to how I am able to fit it into my life. Love that!!

You may know that I am a board-certified music therapist. I put my Waterways Music business on hold when my husband and I moved to Indiana and started our family. Music therapy took me out of the home. There is always time to do music therapy when my kids are in school. But with Shaklee, I can contribute to our income right from my home right now. Right along side my 2 boys. And since Shaklee is a health and wellness company, it fit right into my business as a music therapist. And I am proud to say that I have earned a bonus check every single month since I became a distributor, with the exception of the first month. 

Here's a quick video explaining how the business works:


If you or someone you know is interested in earning an extra $500-1000 a month or more and start your own business, I would be excited to share the earnings and benefits plan with you to see if it is a good fit. I am looking for more motivated business partners on our growing team. Take a look to see how you can earn these FastTrack bonuses too. How you could earn a trip to the company headquarters for the new directors conference in California and to the global conference next summer in Nashville. How you could earn a trip on the Majestic Cruise Line to the Southern Caribbean in 2013! How you could earn a trip to Paris, France next year too! And a new car! Real people are doing this and our team, lead by lifetime Master Coordinators, Chuck and Joyce Hoffmann, are making these things happen too.

What are your dreams? Join Us! :)

Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful Day! Visit me on Facebook soon!


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