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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Shaklee Global Conference Highlights from Vegas!

Hello!!! I am back from my first of many Shaklee Global Conferences and I am SO excited to share highlights with you! The conference was in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand Hotel and it was so awesome and inspiring! Have you been to the MGM before? It is probably the size of Rhode Island! I went with my mom and needless to say that we got our exercise in with all of the walking we did! lol

There were 6000 people at this conference! 1000 more then last year in Washington DC! The music therapy conferences that I am used to are not that big so it was definitely an experience! :)

 Here is the stage in the Grand Arena (where things like the Country Music Awards take place) right before the conference kicked off with Chairman and CEO Roger Barnett's talk.

And here is Roger with his three young children. 


And here is a picture of Roger's wife, Sloan, who gave an awesome and inspiring talk on the last day of conference. Sloan is the reason why Shaklee products are used in the White House!! How cool is that?

His son, Spencer, was the reason he found and fell in love with Shaklee, after Spencer's asthma went away when they switched to Shaklee's Get Clean line of non-toxic household cleaning products. You may have seen the story when Roger and his wife Sloan were on Oprah a few years back.

Roger and his wife purchased Shaklee 8 years ago after putting 20 million dollars into researching the best company for their family! He has taken Shaklee above and beyond any other company's compensation plan and dream plan! Over 3600 people walked across the stage being recognized for different accomplishments during the conference!! (new directors, cars, trips, million dollar earners, etc) It was amazing to see. You can read more about Roger HERE. 

Roger talked about Dr. Shaklee, a bio-chemist and chiropractor, who started Shaklee in 1956 with his sons. He was one of the first scientists to make the first multi-vitamin in 1915, called Vitalized Minerals. Here is a picture of Dr. Shaklee with that wonderful product that we now call Vita-Lea.

Dr. Shaklee began his company with the thought "everything in harmony with nature". And that holds true today. Shaklee became the first climate neutral company leaving a zero impact on the environment, in 2000. All products from Shaklee are in harmony with nature, are safe, non-toxic, with nothing artificially added. That is why Shaklee is the #1 Natural Nutrition Company in the US and why the average amount of time people have been using Shaklee products is over 17 years!!!

I grew up with Shaklee as my mom has been using the products for 37 years now! You can read more about my Shaklee story HERE. Here's a picture with my mom at the open meeting on Friday night.

The speakers for this conference were so awesome and inspiring! Among those were 2008 Olympic Athlete, Eli Bremer.

Eli talked about the surprise drug tests that all Olympic athletes have to go through, including him. Some athletes have failed these tests because of things found in the supplements they take. Because of this, many athletes are afraid to take vitamins and supplements! Eli has full confidence in Shaklee's nutrition including the Sports Nutrition and has passed drug tests over and over again while taking Shaklee nutrition, which he said has given him so much stamina, energy and overall health and performance as an athlete.

It was also exciting to hear from 7 other Olympic athletes, some of which are metal earners, on a live feed from London!

Half of the US Olympic woman's rowing team use and believe in Shaklee's nutrition, taking them to GOLD in London!!! Go USA!!! There are over 20 US Olympic Athletes who use Shaklee nutrition!

Another exciting highlight of the conference was Jacqui McCoy's talk. She is a 30 year old woman who lost over 200 pounds on the TV show Extreme Makeover Weight Loss edition and won the show!!

She did it with a lot of hard work in the gym along with Shaklee nutrition! Now she is coaching the season 3 contestants and they are all taking Shaklee's Vitalizer, as is trainer for the show, Chris Powell! She also pledged to us that she is starting the Cinch Inch Loss program to take off the last 20 pounds! Go Jacqui!!!

Our next Global Conference in Aug. 2013 is in Nashville, TN!! At the Gaylord Opryland Hotel! I am excited to go!

 The 2013 Dream Trip on a celebrity cruise to the Southern Caribbean on the Majestic Cruise line AND....

the 2013 International trip to PARIS, FRANCE!!!!!!!

Who wants to join me??! 

 I couldn't believe how many people are earning these awesome trips and also car bonuses! I have never had a brand new car before and certainly not one that someone else has paid for! :)

There were also some great displays in the exhibit room. Here is a wonderful Cinch inch loss display. Dr. Jaime McManus said that healthy weight is the key to optimal health. Would you agree? So many Americans are overweight to obese and it is now predicted that our kids will have a shorter lifespan then us! We need to make a change - NOW!!

Cinch has been clinically proven to take off fat but keeping muscle mass and losing inches in the process. This picture shows two scales, one with 5 lbs of fat on the left, and one with 5 lbs of muscle on the right! Look at that size difference! Wow!

The Cinch 3 in 1 boost helps raise metabolism, lower sugar cravings and is also a multi-vitamin!

Here is a short Cinch video of an awesome success story.


I personally love keeping my weight where it is but reshaping my body mass through a Cinch protein shake  or a meal bar in the morning, a snack bar or energy tea mid morning or afternoon, along with my Vitalizer strip of vitamins daily and a healthy lunch and dinner.  It is awesome for keeping me where I want to be! 

My mom and I also had fun socializing in Vegas. Some of my flute friends from Iowa were at the National Flute Assoc. convention at Caesar's Palace just down the street from me! So I walked up to Paris one morning to have crepes with them. It was so great to see all of them again!

My aunt and uncle also live in Las Vegas so we had fun hanging out with them for awhile too.

And my mom's friend from high school also lives in Vegas. We met up with her and her daughter along with my aunt for the open meeting that Shaklee had on Friday night.

We also had fun meeting other people in our Shaklee group for lunch on Saturday. Here is a picture with some of the people in the Hoffmann group who were there.

I came back to Indiana recharged and excited! I am so proud to be a part of such a wonderful company that has such a rich and long history or being environmentally friendly and who has been helping people gain better health for over 50 years!!! Wow! The stories I heard at this conference were just amazing!

So, my question to you is, who do you know that would like to earn $500-$1000 or more a month? I am looking for partners that I can help go on these trips I mentioned, earn that extra money each month and earn car bonuses in the process. Is that you? Or someone you know? So many people this weekend said they were so thankful to the person who introduced them to Shaklee. Could you be that person for someone else?

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed it!

See you Thursday for more Organizing.:)


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