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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Organizing Your Bedroom Closet!

Welcome to another Thursday organizing post!  

If you are just joining us, we have been getting organized using Jennifer Ford Berry's Organize Now book.


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This week we are onto our bedroom closet! I have really been dreading this one to be honest. My closet is a place where I put things to go through later. Problem is, I hardly ever have make time for later. lol So it tends to get pretty cluttered. Can anyone relate? Anyone??!

This book has inspired me to make time however. I have been plugging away, with my 3 year old's help (who by the way, thinks the things I pull out are fascinating! lol) and have been throwing things out, sorting things, putting them in more appropriate places, getting rid of clothes, etc. It actually feels like a weight is being lifted and it feels great!! 

Here are some before and after pictures I took recently.
There is definitely more to do but it's a start. Now that I am started, I am so motivated to keep going. There's something about organizing that just puts you in a good mood....after you finally get started! lol 

Here's a before picture. You can see that although things are hung up, they are not organized and it makes it hard to find anything in the morning. 

I pulled everything out and put it on the bed.

I also threw things on the floor that are headed to Goodwill because they either don't fit anymore (too big - YAY!) or because I just don't wear them anymore.

I was shocked at how many jeans I still had that were too big for me. It really freed up a ton of space in my closet. And hangers too.:)

But one of the BEST things I found as I was going through these old jeans was......

So it truly does pay to organize clean your closet once in awhile! lol

Now things are a lot easier to find. And I know that what I have still fits!

This Week's Goals:

1. Narrow your mess by tossing! Don't be afraid to get rid of things you don't use or don't like anymore. Get rid of clothes you haven't worn in 6-12 months. Someone else may really appreciate that sweater that just sits in your closet. Or those jeans that just don't fit anymore:)

2. Empty your closet and evaluate your space. Make sure it is working for you. Invest in extra rods, more shelving, shoe rack, baskets, etc to use the most of your space. Make things accessible.

3. Put clothes back and arrange by category and color. Hang hangers and clothes in the same direction. This will make things look more organized and be easier for you to find things quickly.


1. Trouble deciding whether to keep an item? Put the hanger backwards. If it is still that way in 6 months, then you know you won't miss it.

How do you keep your closet organized?

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Have a great day!!

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