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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Lose Weight and Keep It Off - It's a CINCH!

Hello! Are you among the billions of people in the world who are overweight to obese? Or maybe you've been struggling with that last 5 or 10 pounds? How many friends or family members do you know who are in the "Globesity" category? Have you been on diets before that just do not work? Or maybe you lose weight quickly and then gain it all back plus some? 

Are you ready to make a change?! I am so excited to show you how! How to lose fat. How to keep muscle. How to lose Inches! And most importantly - How to say good-bye to it for good in a healthy way! It's time to get your health back!!! It's time to get your LIFE back!! The time is now!!!!

There are some scary statistics out there. One of which is that our children are predicted to live shorter lives then we are because they are carrying too much weight and moving less. That is the bad news. The good news is that being overweight is not a life sentence! YOU can make a change! YOU can set a good example for your kids. I can help you do that and I WANT to help you do that! 

Does this Diet Cycle chart look familiar? Are you ready to change that?! 

The chart below is a pretty telling, showing how the amount of adults who are obese has drastically increased from 1994-2009. Along with the extra weight, comes more diagnosis of Diabetes. 

Diabetes, heart disease and cancer CAN be prevented! 

OK, so enough of the depressing stuff.  Onto the good news  - something that can help you if you want the help....

Enter CINCH! 

(wild applause and cheers from the many folks who are carrying less pounds and inches and having better health because of Cinch:)

Cinch is an inch-loss program through Shaklee, the #1 natural nutrition company in the US, that WORKS! It is powered by the amino acid Leucine, which is clinically proven to:




And Actually KEEP IT OFF!!!!

Shaklee's Cinch program was modeled after how athletes train and retain muscle mass while working out. Leucine has been proven to do that.

Many diet programs do not work because they burn muscle mass and not fat. Your body goes into starvation mode and hangs onto the fat. When you are off the diet, your body gains it all back (and usually more) as fat! Blah!

My Story... 

Many of you know that I have two adorable little boys.

After my second son was born, I had some baby weight to lose. I was not eating healthy and was stressed as my son was pretty sick when he was born 6 weeks early. I was turning to unhealthy food for comfort and convenience. I never took an official before picture of myself, but I did find the pictures below that show the excess weight in my stomach area and on my arms and face.I didn't even realize how big I looked until I saw pictures like these. The camera has a way of telling the whole truth, doesn't it?

This was in Sept.,2010. you can see the extra inches in my waist and face in particular here.

This was in October, 2010. I was trying to take a picture of this mirror after I cleaned it with Basic H2 window/mirror organic cleaner. Nice and clear, isn't it? :) 
You can see the extra inches around my waist.

At this time, I was starting to use Shaklee's nutritional supplements.

 Soon after, I began having a daily Cinch Shake. I also enjoyed a  snack bar when I had a sugar or hunger craving mid-afternoon and Cinch energizing tea mid-morning for an extra pick-me-up. Not only did all of this help reduce my baby weight, but it also gave me a lot of energy as I took care of my two young kids. 

Here is a picture a month later, in Nov., 2010, at my son's baptism. I was starting to reshape. You can see that in my arms and face. I was also finding myself having to use belts to keep my pants up! lol. I didn't have a lot of weight to lose, but did have some inches to shed as well as some reshaping to do. I was on my way.

Now I enjoy a Cinch Shake every morning along with my Vitalizer vitamins to help maintain my optimal weight and fill in the gaps in my nutrition. I also continue to have a snack bar and energizing tea when I am hungry mid-afternoon. It all tastes so delicious and is so easy to grab for a busy mom on the go like me! 

Here are a couple recent pictures of me since being on Cinch. I feel so great and full of energy! I can honestly say that I have more energy and feel better now in my mid 30s then I did when I was in my early 20s!

I heard some very inspirational testimonies at the Shaklee conference in Las Vegas last week. One was from Tasha Starr, who is a stay-at-home mom who lost 95 pounds on the Cinch plan and looks fabulous! 

Tasha before Cinch:

And Tasha after Cinch:

Tasha has been sharing her story with many people, helping them to get healthy with Cinch too. And because of that, she has built a very successful Shaklee business for herself, sharing health and also wealth with others. Pretty cool, huh? If the earnings plan is something you are interested in hearing more about, just ask!

We also heard Jacqui McCoy speak, who you may remember from the TV show Extreme Makeover: Weight loss Edition. She has such an inspirational story! Doctors told her that her only hope for her weight was surgery and she was only 30 years old! 

Jacqui lost over 200 pounds working very hard in the gym, eating healthy and well-balanced meals and also through Shaklee supplementation! Isn't her after picture fabulous?

 Jacqui realized that she needed good vitamins to help power her days, fill in the gaps in her nutrition, and give her energy for those intense workouts. Her mom, who has been using Shaklee products for many years, introduced her to Vitalizer and now Jacqui has shared this with all of the season three contestants too! Even her trainer on the show, Chris Powell and his wife, are now taking Vitalizer because they see the quality and value it provides them every day and saw what a difference it made for Jacqui!!

The Cinch Plan...

So you're ready to take a hold of your weight with Cinch? It has a 100% money-back guarantee, and at less then $3.00 per meal, what do you have to lose? Oh ya - WEIGHT! So here we go!

Here is a sample Cinch plan for someone who has a lot of weight and inches to lose.

You also should get 20-30 minutes of moderate exercise in most days. Walking is a great and easy way to do this. 

I LOVE all of the Cinch shake mix flavors. The shakes (as well as the meal bars) provide you a complete meal with the appropriate amount of protein, carbs and fat to keep you feeling full and to lose the weight. I have some yummy recipe ideas for anyone who wants them. Just ask!

And all of the products have a low glycemic index, which is great for people with diabetes for lowering blood sugar. I have heard some pretty amazing testimonies from type 2 diabetics who have lost weight with Cinch and are no longer diabetic! Awesome!!!

The Cinch 3 in 1 Boost is exactly that: 3 products in 1 supplement! It is a multi-vitamin, metabolism booster and helps reduce sugar cravings!


I really love the meal bars and snack bars. My kids do too! I have to sneak them if I want to keep them to myself. lol

I also love this energizing tea. Hot or cold, you can't go wrong and it helps me keep up with my kids:) 

 There was also another exciting announcement made at conference - the New Cinch Snack Crisps! (available late September). I was able to sample these at conference and they are SO yummy! And crunchy! And gluten free!! They have 7 grams of PROTEIN per serving! Where do you ever find 7 grams of  protein in a chip?! Brilliant!!

 If you don't have a lot of weight to lose, but just want to reshape and tone up, I would suggest what I did: 

One Cinch shake or meal bar to replace one meal a day (breakfast for me) along with the Vitalizer strip of daily vitamins, and one snack bar or half of a meal bar per day. You could also have the snack crisps if you choose.

 Here's a great snack comparison:

now the REALLY good news......


You can get a whole month's supply of Shaklee's Cinch products for FREE ($299 value). It has everything you need for your Cinch Transformation!

When you order this awesome Transformation Pack for 3 months on autoship (can cancel or change anytime), you get the forth month FREE!!! How great is that? This offer ends at the end of Nov. 2012, so you would have to get started by September to take advantage of it. With this pack, you will have access to where you can meet other people on this Cinch journey, ask questions to doctors and dieticians, find meal ideas and more! How cool is that?

If you are used to grabbing lunch or dinner out for $5.00-10.00 per meal, then you will save money (and calories!) with Cinch as it comes to less then $3.00 per meal and is easy on the go! Save money and lose weight? Yes, please!!


AND, Shaklee has an awesome Cinch challenge going on right now where you could win $10,000!!! I saw Edgar Ortiz do this at the Shaklee conference and it was so awesome to see! Doesn't he look terrific? Ask me for details on the contest.

A lot of info? Yes! But a simple plan to follow? Absolutely! Can you do it? YES, YES, YES! Do you want to do it? That is up to you. Know that you will have support of our Shaklee team and help along the way.  It is possible to get to a healthy weight. Whether you need to lose 5 or 100+ pounds, Cinch can help you achieve your goals safely and naturally. You can do this!!!

"What you believe and perceive, YOU CAN ACHIEVE!" - Dr. Forrest Shaklee

If you are in the Lafayette, IN area, you are welcome to join me and my Shaklee group on Aug. 31st for a fun Cinch inch loss Kick off meeting to see if Cinch is for you and sample some of the products! Ask me for the details.

Thanks for reading! Have a very healthy day!! :)


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