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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Organizing Your Child's Clothes and Closet

It's Thursday again. Are you ready for more organizing?
If you are just joining us, we have been getting organized using Jennifer Ford Berry's Organize Now book.


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This week we are tackling our kid's clothes and closet. This can be a big job when your kids are small as they are continually growing out of clothes so quickly.

  This Week's Goals:

1. Throw out all clothes that are in poor shape and cannot be passed on to someone else. Take out clothes that are too small. Put these in a storage bin (I like the clear type) if you are keeping them for a younger sibling. If not, start a bin for donating or selling.

2. Store all clothes that are not in season. Take out all other items that should be stored some other place. Vacuum out the closet and dust shelves as you take things out.

3. Jennifer suggests hanging all clothes that are "nice" and putting play clothes in dresser drawers. Group items together so they are easy to find. If you want your children to be able to dress themselves, make sure you have a rod hung at their level. (love this!)

We tend to hang more then put into dressers. My youngest has the biggest closet in the house, so we have more room to hang. I think it depends on your situation for what works best for you.

Do you think he has enough clothes? lol. Thanks to grandma, my 
 boys are well-dressed:)

Since we don't have a basement, we store things like board games in one of my boy's closets too.

4. Keep shoes out where they are easy to see. Shoe racks may work for you. Some people keep them in the shoe box with a picture of the shoes on the front of the box. (I am not that organized for that! lol) 



1. Breast milk and formula stains will darken as they age. Jennifer suggests donating these items when the clothing is still relatively new and looks nice so someone else can wear it. Once it's stored, the stains will be more set in.

I did see this when we took my oldest son's baby clothes out to get ready for his younger brother. I was able to get the stains out however, using Shaklee's Nature Bright. It is a terrific and safe alternative to bleach and is a lifesaver to moms with new babies for whitening and brightening laundry!  

That does it for another week. How do you organize your children's clothes and closet? Any tips are always appreciated!

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!  


  1. For kids shoes, we have a small shelf in the living room w/a cloth attached to it for hiding the shoes. For the adults, we have a shoe pocket hung outside our bedroom closet door. Either ideas could be used for the kids.

  2. Those are great ideas, Tami! Have your kids been good about putting them back in their place?


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