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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Organizing Your Laundry Room

Happy Thursday! One day closer to the weekend, right? We're back to organizing. Are you excited?:)


If you are just joining us, we have been getting organized using Jennifer Ford Berry's Organize Now book.


It has some great info and tips on organizing various parts of our life and home. You can see past posts here:

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Today we are organizing the laundry room. Last week I said that I did not have a dining room to organize, but I DO have a laundry room. And it can get a bit messy at times. How about for you?

This Week's Goals:

1. Take out anything that does not belong in the laundry room. This includes clean clothes! Only dirty ones belong in the laundry room so it doesn't get confusing and you don't create more work for yourself later.

The only time I keep clean clothes in the laundry room if I am hanging them to dry. My father-in-law hung this great bar toward the top of the window, for hanging clothes in our laundry room. I am sorry the picture isn't better to see it.

also notice the fire extinguisher - something important to keep in your laundry room in case of fire. Cleaning the lint trap after each drying cycle will help prevent fires. (my brother is a firefighter, so I feel obliged to mention these important things to you:)
Our laundry room is a pretty good size. Since we don't have a basement or much storage area, I will confess that we do store bins of toys in the laundry room. We have way too many toys, thanks to generous grandparents, so we rotate them out often. The kids never get bored that way. Once every 6 months or so, we try to go through the bins and donate some to Goodwill. 

2. Have a laundry bin or basket to put dirty clothes in. Tell your family to put the clothes in the bins. Clothes placed in other areas will not be washed:)

We have room for four baskets in our laundry room. One for whites, one for colors, one for towels and one for sheets. It works well for separating and doing loads quickly. 
3. Have a shelf or a good place near the washer to store detergents, fabric softeners, etc. We stopped using bleach a long time ago. Did you know that bleach is the #1 cause of accidental poisonings among children? We found that Shaklee's Nature Bright, a natural alternative to bleach, works as good or even better in some cases and I don't have to worry about my kids getting into it. It will whiten whites really well and also brighten colors.

If you have multiple detergent or softener containers opened, then combine them to save space. Don't open a new one until you finish the old. I love the natural Shaklee detergents and softeners that my family uses. They clean fantasically and my sensitive skin has stopped itching since we switched. Also great on the baby bottoms and washing my son's cloth diapers. The diapers are almost 2 years old now and they look brand new!

I have a few posts about the laundry products including some before and after pictures in the last 2 posts. Warning, some of the before pics are pretty graphic. View at your own risk! lol 

1. Do a little laundry every day. It will not get out of control that way. I like to do at least one load per day and tackle sheets and towels on the weekends.

we try to make the most of the space we have, so this towel rack works well in the corner of the laundry room.
2. Have a "pair the sock" game with your kids to get them involved in the folding process!

Thanks again for reading! I hope the posts have been helpful to you.

How do you organize your laundry room?

Next week.....the Bathroom!!! :) Have a great day!


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