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Friday, July 13, 2012

Summer Fun!

Happy Friday! I thought I would start the weekend by sharing some family pictures and giving the grandparents their fix for awhile. :)

Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend! Praying for rain here in Indiana!!

Andrew had fun in swimming lessons this summer.

Mr. Cool

The boys love these adorable matching chairs - early bday presents from grandma and grandpa C:)

enjoying his bike with grandma
3 generations of Colby's

having fun with the scooter that grandma brought over

The berries are starting to come in! I was hoping to make a pie or jam. Problem is that we keep eating them and I never have enough to do that with:)

we have also been getting  a ton of cucumbers! If you want some, let me know:)

met up with David for a picnic. It was a lot of fun!
We went to Wisconsin and Illinois for Father's Day weekend. First stop was our friend Cheryl and Mike's farm. Here we are visiting the chickens.

Their newest family members - the alpaca! Aren't they adorable?

teacher Cheryl giving a lesson about farming. :)
The boys had fun playing with grandpa T

and with grandma T too!

we had a father's day / my niece Jessie's birthday BBQ at my brother Dan's house. It was a lot of fun too!
the kids loved the pinata

and then onto David's parents in IL. Lots of fun on the tracker with grandpa C!
lounging in grandpa's BIG chair!

you don't have to be little to take a ride on the tractor:)

enjoying some time with grandma C.
 Thanks for taking a look. The boys are growing so fast! It's hard to believe that Benjamin will be 2 in a couple of weeks and Andrew will turn 4 in September! Time sure does move quickly.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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