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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

We Moved! And Free Gift Offer

Hey Y'all! :) I realize I need to think about changing my midwest green living blog name to southern green living because my family has moved to Mississippi!!! I never thought I would say that! Although, I never thought I would live in California and I did that too for 6 years. So far we love it here! The people, the food, our new home and neighborhood and my husbands new job. Everyone is very nice and welcoming. 

So that is why I have been MIA recently. So much packing and now unpacking! Moving is a lot of work and I told my husband that I really hope we love it here because I don't plan to move again for a VERY long time! :)

We took Memorial Day weekend to travel here and visited friends and saw some sites along the way. Mammoth Cave in Kentucky was so neat! I highly recommend!

And now I am getting back to work and blogging, which in all honesty, doesn't feel like work at all. 

I want to share the wonderful June special Shaklee is running before June gets away from me!

For the month of June, all new members and distributors in Shaklee with at least a 50 PV order will receive…..

Membership to Shaklee is like joining Sams or Costco but without annual fees or minimum requirements. It just gives you extra discounts and perks along the way and a great way to save.

Membership is 19.95 but I recommend starting with Vitalizer, which is the most complete dietary supplement you can find and the best quality! And with any Vitalizer order, your membership fee will be Waived for you!!! It's a wonderful deal and will give you this great free gift in June too!

Stress Relief Complex is a wonderful product that helped me to get through my youngest's early birth and NICU stay, as well as general day to day stress. Here is some info:

We all have stress, right? It's a normal part of life and being human. Here are some of the bodies responses to stress:

Stress affects many areas of our body and our health. Proper management of stress through exercise, eating properly, faith and prayer life, friendships, etc can help manage it. And I have found that Shaklee's Stress Relief Complex is another way to help take the edge off stressful times.

To take advantage of this great deal please visit my site HERE.  And ask me how you can also get FREE Shipping this month too!! 

If you aren't familiar with Shaklee, it is the #1 natural nutrition company in the nation and something I grew up with. The quality of the products and the integrity of the company is something I have not seen elsewhere. Shaklee has something for everyone. Not luxuries but everyday products we use in our homes. Check out more HERE.

Thanks for stopping in!


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