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Monday, April 25, 2011

cold? what cold?!

I mentioned in a recent blog post how we try to keep our kids healthy and how they have never had an ear infection - ever! Well, that doesn't mean that we don't get sick. A cold bug passed through our family of 4 last week like wild fire. This is how it went down:

Saturday: we attended 6 year old's birthday party of our friends who live about an hour away from us. They told us that they were battling colds for over a week, but were better. They even went to the doctor and were given the go-ahead to have the party. However, the day after, this is what happened to our family:

First victim on Sunday afternoon: our 8 month old preemie
Second victim on Sunday night: Me!
Third victim on Monday morning: my dear husband
Fourth victim on Tuesday evening: our 2 year old

How could this be, you may ask? We all take Shaklee supplements- excellent health insurance.

Well, the truth is that you CAN get sick, even with strong immune systems through Shaklee.

The difference however, is that we were all over our colds within a couple of days of them occurring. When we were exposed, our bodies were able to defend and bounce back quickly. We all continued to take our usual vitamins but when we started showing symptoms, I took a few extra things like Nutriferon and Defend and Resist Complex. We also increased the amount of Vitamin C that my husband, toddler and I were taking.

We were nervous about the baby, because he was born 6 weeks early and had respiratory issues in the NICU. This was his first big cold. We decided to take both boys into their pediatrician on Wed. to have them checked out. The doctor said that the baby's lungs already sounded clear - like he never had a cold. And he said that our toddler would probably battle this for 10-14 days and would have a fever come and go.

But he hasn't! He has gotten better every day since, and his fever never returned! (and the baby never even ran a fever)

And to top it off, our friends called us to tell us that they all tested positive for STREP THROAT!!!

When I heard that, I immediately called the pediatrician to see if he thought we should have throat cultures done. My toddler and I did just to be safe, and we were absolutely fine. whew!

So to recap, we were exposed to strep throat over the weekend and the end result for each of us was a cold that lasted no more then a few days. (for my husband, it never actually matured into much at all)

We were all very thankful that it did not turn into a secondary infection and we have all been well on the mend.

Thank you, Shaklee!!!

With as many things that are still going around now, I hope you take care of yourself and consider extra health insurance through good vitamin supplements. We are grateful for them:)

Thanks for reading and have a good and very healthy week ahead!


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