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Monday, May 9, 2011

Earth Day Kit and Free Membership for only $30! (over an $80 value!)

That's right! All this for only $30! I am so excited about this deal. I posted this picture on my Waterways Music Services facebook page and had a lot of people asking me for the details so here they are.:)

The Earth Day Healthy Home Kit is only available until May 20th for new people to Shaklee or while supplies last. The kit includes:

-Basic H2 Super Organic Concentrate, which is my all-time favorite cleaning product because it is all-natural and safe for my entire family and the environment, lasts a very long time because it is so concentrated so it saves us money and it works SO well! I use it to clean my windows, glass, mirrors, counter tops, refrigerator, sink, floors, car, high chair tray and more! Just 1-2 drops of the Basic H2 to 16 oz of water makes an awesome window/glass/mirror cleaner and 1/4 tsp of Basic H2 to 16 oz of water makes a wonderful all-purpose cleaner that doesn't leave a film or residue. I talk more about the Basic H2 in my post about how I Detoxed my home and went to only 3 cleaners.
-2 spray bottles for the Basic H2
-washable microfiber cleaning cloths - these are wonderful with the Basic H2
-32 oz of Fresh Laundry Concentrate (HE compatible). This lasts a long time too because you only need 1 oz for a regular load of laundry. I wash all of my family's clothes in this, including my baby's cloth diapers. Works great! I talk more about the laundry detergent in my post about Airing the dirty laundry.
-16 oz Dish Wash Liquid Concentrate. This is also very concentrated so you only need a few drops in your sink full of dishes. I like to add a drop or too to my sponge. It's also a grease cutter, so it will help to keep your kitchen sink pipes very clean and clear.
-Shaklee Energy Chews for when you need an energy boost. These have natural caffeine in them from green tea leaves.

And as an added bonus, my Shaklee friend told me that the kits that she ordered also included a reusable shopping bag and product guide while supplies last. All of this (over an $80 value) for only $30!! and with it you will become a lifetime member to Shaklee. Membership is like joining Sams Club or Costco but without the annual fees. Members save 15% on all products, always. All of Shaklee products are all-natural and come with a 100% money back guarantee. I really love this company, what it stands for and the many products that we use everyday in my home that help to keep my growing family healthy. I grew up with Shaklee as my mom has been using their products for over 35 years now and I love sharing it:)

If you are interested in this Earth Day special, you can order it by clicking on the "current product promotions" box at the bottom of my Shaklee website.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful and healthy week!


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