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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Keeping Fido Safe!

I love animals! I really do. We had a cat named Mischief when I was growing up. I always wanted a dog too but my parents wouldn't allow it. Since we don't have pets right now (but plan to get a dog once the kids are a little older and I CANNOT wait!:), I hadn't really thought about how cleaners would impact them. But then I read a review of Shaklee's Basic H2 organic cleaner recently (my favorite cleaner!!) from sweet southern me's blog. Here is a little snippet from that:

I wasn't one for worrying about the chemicals etc I was using, but then I got to thinking about it a little more. When I wash my floors with the clorox or pine-sol or whatever, and then my boys or miss kitty would walk on it, they would be getting the cleaner in their paws. Dogs and cats lick their paws. This means they were licking the cleaning solutions. Not to mention all the floor licking that goes on with dogs. YUCK. That can't be very healthy. I now worry less with using the Basic H products because there aren't the yucky chemicals. I had previously read this article a friend sent me. It really has made me think about what products I use and how they are helping/hurting us and our environment. Next time you are looking at purchasing your cleaning products, actually look at the ingredient labels and see what you are bringing into your home.

She is absolutely right! Dogs and cats do walk all over the floor and then lick their paws and even the floor! Wow! That got me thinking that I need to post to share with all of my four-legged loving friends. I found a great article through on keeping your pets safe from household poisonings. It talks about many of the common toxic chemicals found in everyday cleaners. I have blogged a lot about Basic H2 Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate and how it is my favorite cleaning product EVER and how it is completely safe for your entire family. Well, that includes your pets! When you clean your floor with it, you just use 1 tsp. to a gallon of water and it will not remove wax and will not leave a film on your floor. You can use the same solution with a damp cloth for wood floors. It is so simple and will last you forever, AND is completely safe for little Fido as he walks on the floors, licks his paws and even licks the floors! Basic H2 is all natural and is actually made from corn and coconuts! And it cleans SO well! You can read more about Basic H2 and some of my other safe favorite cleaners on my post about how I detoxed my home and went to only 3 cleaners.

If you are interested in the Basic H2, you may be interested in the free membership promotion that is going through May 20th. This is with only a $30 order! Members save 15% always with no annual fees. And Shaklee has a great Earth Day Healthy Home Kit for a limited time that includes the Basic H2 along with 2 spray bottles for the Basic H2, laundry detergent, dish detergent, microfiber cloths (I love these!!) and Shaklee energy chews for only $30, which will qualify you for the free membership. It really is a great deal. All of Shaklee products are natural and safe for your entire family. You can find more info about this on my website under the current product promotions box at the bottom.

Thanks again for reading and I hope this post was helpful for you and your four-legged loved ones at home:)


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  1. Great post Rebecca. You do such a nice job.
    We have two recitals this weekend and three next weekend so I haven't done much with Facebook or my blog lately.


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