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Monday, August 1, 2011

rust stains, stickers and permanent marker

I accidentally left a couple of cans, meant for recycling, on our counter top when we left for our San Antonio trip a few weeks ago. When we came back, the cans left these rust marks:

I knew this would be a tough one to remove. But I also knew that Scour Off Heavy Duty Paste is great with rust stains. So I tried it with some water and my Microfiber Sponge and it came right off! It really took no real effort on my part and I was SO happy that it was gone:) Here are the after pictures:

I was also doing some deep cleaning the other day and got to thinking about the pesky sticker that I never was able to remove on our fireplace door. Here is the before of that:
It was something I tried removing when we first moved in 3 years ago (before I was really using Shaklee cleaners) and was unsuccessful. We just got used to it, but after I removed the rust stain so easily, I got to thinking that maybe I should try the Scour Off on this too so I did. And with a little effort, some water and my microfiber sponge again, it came off!
I still need to get inside the glass with my Basic H2 Super Organic Concentrate to get it completely clean, but that will be for another post after I get the glass panels off. :)

Soon after I cleaned the rust and sticker, I realized that I accidentally used a permanent sharpie marker on our dry erase board! yikes! Here is the before:
The permanent marker was used toward the bottom on the items "B-day card, gifts - Ben, Party Favors, Party Food, Decorations". When I tried cleaning it with my Basic H2, it just smudged. So I knew I needed a scouring product. Scour Off to the rescue once again! Whew!
Once I used the Scour Off and microfiber sponge (with very little effort), I went over it again with my Basic H2 and it was completely clean. I usually only use the Basic H2 on the dry erase board but this time needed a little more help. Awesome! On a side note, my husband recently took some Basic H2 to work to try on his dry erase boards and he was so excited that it worked so well!

I really love Shaklee's organic household cleaners. The Scour Off and Basic H2 are 2 in the trio of cleaners that I use to clean my entire house! And they are so concentrated that they last so long to use up, which ends up saving us money in the end. And they are safe around my young kids, which is the best part for me.

Do you have other tough cleaning jobs that Scour Off and/or Basic H2 have helped with? I would love to hear.

Thanks for reading and have a great and healthy week ahead!


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  1. I love Scour Off, too! It got the spot of hair coloring I missed on my bathroom counter right off! Just a warning: don't use it on plastic (unless you don't mind scratches). I made that mistake. :-(


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