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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Chicken Fajitas!

I made some yummy fajitas the other night.

I used some green onions and cilantro from our growing garden.

It made the fajitas taste so fresh.

I also used some colored peppers, baby bella mushrooms that were on sale at Aldi, garlic from the farmers market and chicken breast. I seasoned it with onion and garlic powder, black pepper and cumin. (it's better to season the meat before it's cooked or as it's cooking to hold more flavor)

Color not only adds to the presentation but also adds more vitamins and nutrients. In general, the darker the veggie, the more nutrients it has. I talk about some of this in past posts on nutrition.

The end result was so yummy! My entire family ate it up. I served it on whole wheat tortillas, with avocado, beans and fresh salsa. 

What are your favorite summer recipes?

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!


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