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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth of July Fun!

I thought I would share what I did with my family this past weekend for the 4th of July. We had a fun time visiting my husband's parents in central Illinois. We always do a lot of fun things when we visit them. Here are some of the highlights.

We went to the water park on Sunday afternoon. We did this last year too and had a blast. Here is our toddler, Andrew, having a great time.

Andrew and my husband had a great time splashing the lifeguards as they walked by. :)

Baby Benjamin with grandma (or Nona as Andrew calls her). He wasn't too sure about the turtle.

Benjamin was happiest just hanging out with grandpa (or papa as Andrew calls him:), watching people swim. He is getting to be such a big boy! I can hardly believe he is 11 months old already. He looks so big in this picture. It is hard to believe that he was premature!

Afterward, we enjoyed my in-laws wonderful backyard. It is like a park there. And Benjamin just loved the swing set up for him. Andrew loved this when he was a baby too.

Andrew loved helping grandpa put water in his waterfall.

Benjamin with his grandma
We went to the 4th of July parade at a nearby town where my husband went to school. The baby really loved people watching. He only cried when the firetrucks came by with sirens blaring.
Andrew absolutely LOVED the parade and every single car in it! lol
The horses were so pretty.
Hanging out with Grandpa.
Another plus for Andrew - all of the candy that was given out. Here he is enjoying his first tootsie roll. (my favorite!!)
Here is our family in front of my husband's elementary school, which was on the parade route.

After the parade and lunch, we drove the 2 hour trip home. When we got here, we decided to grill out for dinner. My husband grilled hamburgers, hotdogs and zucchini that I got from the farmers market last week. It was really good!
It was the perfect end to a great holiday weekend.... the fireworks are going to have to wait until the boys are a little older. we did hear them going off until around 1:30am or so though, which made for a long night!

How did you celebrate the 4th this year? Does your family have any fun traditions?

Thanks for reading and have a healthy and good week!


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