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Friday, December 30, 2011

painting the bathroom cabinet

We have slowly been remodeling our downstairs half bathroom over the past couple of years. The latest was that we painted the cabinet. We learned that it isn't real wood, so we couldn't sand and stain it. We just had to prime and paint. This is how it turned out.

So far I like it. I still need to work on the hubby for changing the sink, counter and floor though. Baby steps, right? lol

The room has come a long way however. This is a picture we took when we bought our house 3 years ago. As you can see, we also have painted, changed the mirror and put all new bronze fixtures in throughout the bathroom. I really like it since we made those changes.
I guess I never took a picture of the yellow flower border that was up near the ceiling so I can't show you that :)

This is the before picture of the cabinet. The counter is actually a light cream color. The pictures make it look more pinkish I think.

Here is a picture after we primed it. Then we painted it. Initially, we painted it a very bright white. It was too white. So we took the paint back and had them mix in some colors to soften it.

The end result:

We also added new lighting. I really like how it turned out. We used to have those ball lights that the builder put in with the mirror behind it. I never liked those!
It matched the light fixture that we hung in our entry way.
I love doing home improvement projects. Do you? Do you think our bathroom remodel has been an improvement so far?

Thanks for reading. I hope you have a great day!


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