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Monday, January 9, 2012

Wisconsin Trip and Holiday pictures!

 I realized that I hadn't posted Christmas pictures yet so I am combining those with our recent trip to Wisconsin. I have quite a few family members who live in different states, so they always appreciate seeing some recent pictures of the boys. Enjoy!

We went to visit my parents in Wisconsin last week. We hadn't celebrated Christmas with them yet because I got a 24 hour bug on Christmas day so we decided to stay home and not risk infecting my family there. Luckily, I was the only one to get sick and it was short lived.

Here is a picture of Benjamin having fun with grandpa.
 and Benjamin enjoying time with grandma. Grandma has the best toys. (notice the Shaklee 4 oz empty bottle in his hand? lol)
 For some reason, the pictures loaded in a different order and I don't have too much time to rearrange. Sorry about that!

After my parents, we headed to the Timber Ridge lodge and resort for a couple of nights and had a blast. Here is a picture in our suite. We got a great deal, only $99/night! I would highly recommend. We stayed there last March for my music therapy conference. It's a great place for families and it is a green hotel and waterpark. You can read more about it in my post Here.

 We also had a ton of fun at the arcade.

 and on the trolley ride around the grounds of the Grand Geneva.

 We had friends and family come for a visit too. Our friends Mike and Cheryl came on Saturday but unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures then :(

Here is a picture with our friend Joanna giving a hug to Andrew.
 And Benjamin with both of his Godparents (my brother Dan and our friend Joanna)
 having fun at Sunday brunch.
 and on the way home. We stopped at one of the Chicago overpass oasis so the kids could run around and stretch. They love watching the cars and trucks go by.
  the boys like to give David his workout as you can see....:)
 Benjamin is a little easier workout I think:)

Here are a few more pictures from Christmas day at our house.

 The boys had so much fun opening their gifts.

 We also got some snow the day after Christmas. Andrew and David went out to play in it.
 Andrew is wearing a scarf that my grandma made for my brother! it is over 40 years old! I remember wearing it too. :)
 We lent Benjamin's snowsuit out last winter and I realized that we still need to get that back. So we stayed inside to watch.

 enjoying a morning chat:)
 here are a few more pictures from my parents.

 The boys LOVED having another day of gift opening. They got some nice things from their grandparents as well as my siblings and nieces.
So there's the kids updates. I hope you enjoyed the pictures. Thanks again for reading and remember to check in on Thursday for my new Organize Now blog. We'll be organizing our priorities this week.

Have a great and healthy week!!


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