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Friday, January 11, 2013

Family Picture Updates

I realized that I am over due for some family picture updates. The days go so fast with the kids and they are growing up! We had a blast with them over the holidays. They are so much fun and crack us up everyday with the cute things they say and do. Here are some pictures from the past months. Enjoy!

with grandpa C before Halloween
with grandma C
with cousin Jessie at Thanksgiving
with Uncle Dan in Wisconsin
with grandpa T
Benjamin with grandma T
at the Purdue Christmas parade
walking in daddy's shoes
at the purdue union enjoying the huge tree and gingerbread house
pictures a little out of order - at the tree farm cutting our first tree down!

too cold to go out so we brought the snow in!

at the childrens museum in Milwaukee after Christmas

with cousin rachael at christmas in WI

at the Train Expo in Indy

Thanks for taking a look! Have a great weekend!


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