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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Organizing your Evening Routine

Happy Thursday to you! Only a few weeks left of our book. I can hardly believe it!
If you are just joining us, we have been getting organized using Jennifer Ford Berry's Organize Now book.  


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Last week we talked about the morning routine so today we are talking about the evening routine. This is a nice part of my day. I love to cook so I enjoy making dinners (on most nights!) and then my husband comes home. So it is always nice to have some family time and time when I can take a little break as he spends time with  the boys. My husband is great with taking care of baths, which allows me some quiet time to get the dishes done and kitchen cleaned. I know, those aren't the most enjoyable tasks, but it is some much more enjoyable when I can do it by myself without distraction:) It helps me to recharge a bit. Then we share getting the kids to bed and have a little time together. Sometimes my husband has to go back to work so I take that time to either relax or get some of my own work done.
I always try to read a little before bed. I have some spiritual books that I like or scripture. It always calms me before bed and I feel more relaxed and sleep better after.
This Week's Goals:
1.  Make a list of all things each family member needs to do in the evenings. Figure out how much time it takes for each task. Remember to put relaxation time on the list so you have time to unwind from your day. Kids need this too when they get home from school.
2. Make family dinner time consistent and a priority. Try to have dinner at the same time every evening when possible.
3. Determine a good bed time for everyone in your household. Subtract the time from when you need to wake up. Most adults need 7-8 hours of sleep and children more depending on their age. Don't you just feel so much better after getting a full night's rest? I know I do!
4. Once you have determined dinner and bedtime, arrange the other things in our evening routine around those times and around weekly scheduled activities like sporting events or music lessons. Put a schedule up where everyone can see it. Try to not put too many outside activities in your weekly routine. Jennifer says that children enjoy their childhoods more when they have some free time to just play and be kids. Allow them to participate in activities that they really love, not everything offered to them.
1. Ask your family what the best part of their day was and also the worst part. This is great to do during family dinner time and helps to keep communication lines open. Be sure to turn off your cell phones and TV during family time. Keep yourself free of distractions and help your kids to know they are first.
2. Give your children a distraction-free zone to do homework in. Turn off TV, cell phones, computers, etc so they can concentrate.
Do you have a good evening routine to share? Any tips? Would love to hear!
There are only 2 weeks left of our series! Next week we will talk about organizing your grocery shopping. Meal planning will follow. Any ideas for our next blogging series? Please let me know what you would like to see.
Thanks for reading and please visit me on Facebook soon! Would love to connect with you there.
Have a great day!

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