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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Organizing Your Family's Safety Plan

It's Thursday again and time for more organizing. Many people are especially motivated to organize as the New Year is just around the corner. Did you have a nice Christmas? I hope that you did:)

If you are just joining us, we have been getting organized using Jennifer Ford Berry's Organize Now book.  


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This week we are organizing our family's safety plan. Do you have one in place? I will be honest to say that my family really did not until I started working on this post. We have a family meeting in place (that will have happened by the time this post is up) to talk to our young kids about what to do in case of a fire, if they get lost, how to call for help, etc. We never expect emergencies like these to happen, but we should be prepared in case they do.

This Week's Goals:

1. Check the batteries on your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors regularly. It's a good idea to replace them twice a year. We like to do this during Day Light Savings so we always remember.

2. Figure out a fire safety plan. I know my fire-fighter brother will be mortified to learn from this post that we had not really talked too much about this. We have since this post though. Every person should have two exit routes from their bedroom. And choose a meeting place outside where everyone will go once they are out of the house. Pick something close but not too close, like a large tree near the front yard. If you have young children, take them on a tour of the local fire station. The firefighters are excellent about reviewing a plan and helping kids to understand what to do (and what not to do) in case of a fire. They should know to drop to the ground to crawl if there is smoke and cover their nose and mouth with a cloth or shirt, etc. They should also know not to hide in a closet or under the bed, where it would be difficult for a firefighter to find them. If you take them on a tour, they will get to see a firefighter in their gear, so your child will not be afraid of them if they are dressed like that in your home.

3. Go around your house with a video camera to make a video inventory of what you have in case it is lost in a fire or burglary.

4. Put all emergency numbers near your phone. Be sure your kids and babysitters are aware of this list.

5. Make an emergency kit for your family. You could put things like a flashlight, batteries, candles, matches, first-aid supplies, blanket etc in it.


1. Know who your kids are spending time with - neighbors, babysitters, family members, friends. Communicate with your kids so they know they can come to you if they are uncomfortable or scared.

What other tips do you have to share?

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Thanks for reading and I am wishing you all a happy and healthy New Year!!


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