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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cabin Trip and trip to Indy

We took a quick trip to Indy last week for a doctor appointment. Since the appointment was at 8am we decided to spend the night there and went to the Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner. If you call ahead, you can sit in their special trolley car. This was right up my toddler, Andrew's alley! He loved it:) I would definitely recommend!

We also took our 2nd annual cabin trip to Brown County recently. We had a ton of fun there. The weather was beautiful. This year we stayed in the State Park with our friends Ken, Emily, their girls Annabelle and Grace and also Emily's sister Joyce. Here are some of the highlights.

Our home for the weekend.

Here is Emily reading to the kids before bed the first night.
Benjamin and Emily's sister Joyce became good buds on the trip. She is so great with kids. Every mom needs a Joyce in their home. :)
The kids love being on vacation
Benjamin and Grace having fun together

Andrew and Annabelle had a lot of fun on the back deck. They are good friends and share a birthday! Both kids were born on the same day at the same hospital. We met when they were 6 weeks old at a new moms tea through the hospital.

we found a great spot to grill lunch, hang out and play. Andrew had a great time exploring. He carried this big stick around all afternoon:)
Benjamin's favorite type of toy - balls! He says "ball" every time he sees one. So cute!
the kids loved the slide

Joyce and baby Grace having some fun
my husband David and Andrew enjoying the swings
Andrew, Annabelle and David - 3 big kids:)

David & Andrew, Ken & Annabelle - swingin' on a Saturday afternoon:)

That evening we went to a different spot in the park to grill dinner and play. Here are some highlights from that.

learning to fish

Ken and Annabelle fishing
they caught one tiny fish that day. (no exaggeration! lol)
When it started to get dark, we realized two things: 1. we forgot the flashlights. and 2. the mosquitoes were coming out in force. We fixed these two issues by 1. Ken driving back to the cabin to get the flashlights (thanks Ken!) and 2. trying out the all purpose Basic H2 Super Organic Concentrate to see if it took care of the mosquitoes. And it did! It worked very well. When the guys were fishing, David had already sprayed himself with it and wasn't getting bit. Ken was getting bit pretty bad so he asked for some bug spray and I gave him the Basic H2 bottle. He was hesitant but tried it and told me later that he stopped getting bit after he did! It was safe for everyone to use including the kids and pregnant Emily, since it is all natural and made from corn and coconuts and chemical free! A nice alternative to the usual stuff we were used to before.

Back to the pictures....:)

the babies had fun at the cookout!
cuddling up to Joyce. so cute!
holding hands - adorable! (we saw this often on the trip) :)

Emily looking great carrying her twin boys:)

Annabelle taking her s'more making very seriously. They were SO good!

our roaring fire for s'mores....mmmmm!

Well that was a lot of pictures again but not as many as I could have posted! lol! I hope you enjoyed them. We really had a lot of fun in Brown County. I didn't even take any pictures after we left the cabin and went into Nashville, IN for lunch and shopping. It rained while we were there that day but we still had a great time. If you haven't been to Nashville and live in the area, you need to go! It is a cute little town with a lot of home made shopping. Thanks again to Ken and Emily and their family for making it a fun weekend and for all of the cooking that they did. We were very spoiled that weekend!

Have a good day and thanks again for reading!


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