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Friday, September 30, 2011

Benjamin day 7

I can't believe it's been a week since we were to see the pediatrician and ended up in Riley's ER! In some ways it seems like a week but in other ways it seems like months ago. So much has happened.

Benjamin continues to do well with his respiration. He is off of all breathing assistance now. He is having withdrawal symptoms from the narcotics that he had been on however. He has a lot of mouth movement, body twitching, vomiting and diahrea, dilated pupils and he is not sleeping. He also had a seizure earlier today. This can be common to people going through drug withdrawl. On rounds this morning they talked about moving him off of the ICU to another unit, but since having the seizure, his nurse Emily said he will most likely stay put for awhile.

On another note, the child life specialist came in today to tell me about an art therapy program that was happening in the atrium. My immediate thought was, "thanks, but no thanks". My friends and former co-workers from Fairview will probably remember how much I disliked doing the art days there with the clients. I just have never been into the painting, cutting pictures, gluing, blah, blah, blah. But soon after she told me I had wandered down to Ronald McDonald for a break and to get something to eat and I saw everything set up. So I thought I would just walk through and look and maybe talk to the art therapist. But what I found myself doing instead was painting a t-shirt for Benjamin! And I enjoyed it! I actually liked it because I felt like I was doing something for him. I was surprised at how therapeutic it actually was for me. I know that probably sounds funny considering what I do for a living as a music therapist. It was strange being on the other end of the therapeutic spectrum today and I really appreciated the opportunity to do that for my little guy and for myself. I wish that he was stronger to come and participate himself but for now, it is exactly what I needed to be doing today. I was pretty bummed when I realized that I left the camera in my room so I wasn't able to take any pictures to show you.

Now that Benjamin is off of the vent and more alert, he has been able to keep his close eye on all of the nurses and staff. His room is across from the nurses station so he is always watching them. He is such a people person. The nurses are constantly telling me how cute he is. I am sure they say that to all of the parents but in Benjamin's case, I am certain that it is sincere! You've seen his pictures so you know what I am talking about. :)

Thank you again for all of your messages, prayers and good thoughts. It brightens my day to read them and I have been sharing them with Benjamin.

Will keep you posted...


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