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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Benjamin day 8

Today has been a busy and a good day so far. Benjamin was moved off of the PICU this afternoon! They wanted to do it yesterday, but his awesome nurse Emily pushed for him to stay another night because of the seizure that he had. We were very grateful that she did that. It gave us peace of mind that he was getting a high level of care for one more night and he did great. His night nurse, Colie, took very good care of him and even left us a sweet note taped to his bed when we arrived this morning after she had left. Many of the nurses here have just been terrific and we really appreciate that so much.

Benjamin is definitely heading in the direction of getting back to his usual self. He cried today for the first time when I walked away from his bed. Before, because of all of the meds, he would just stare but not cry. Now he is expressing his needs more. His body tremors have stopped and the lip smacking and vomiting has too. He is tracking with his eyes well. We haven't seen a smile yet, but as he was being carried off of the PICU he gave a half wave to the main resident doctor that was caring for him. It was pretty cute. He also nursed for the first time today! He didn't seem to have the stamina for it at first so I gave him a little Performance drink for the electrolytes and hydration mixed with his powder baby vitamins. After that he seemed interested in nursing again and he did for quite awhile. I was very proud of him and thankful that I will most likely be done pumping milk for him. That gets old after awhile. :)

When he was finally transferred, we gave him a little solid food mixed with protein powder and he fell asleep. His new room is in the new tower that is very comfortable for him and for us. I plan to spend the night with him in his room and we are looking forward to what the doctors say tomorrow about a discharge plan.

Here are some pictures I took today:

Before leaving the PICU
and in his new room having some solid food with daddy. He is still pretty sleepy
Ta Da! The t-shirt that I made yesterday with the art therapy activites:)

Thank you again so much for your continued prayers and support for Benjamin and for us. It really means so much and we appreciate it probably more then you realize.


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