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Thursday, October 27, 2011

family updates and Halloween pictures

Things have been very busy lately. When Benjamin got sick in September, it really made us re-evaluate priorities. Because of that, I haven't been blogging as much. I did try to get some pictures up last week but the computer wasn't cooperating so I decided to put it aside until now.

Benjamin had his follow up appointment with the neurologist from Riley recently. We were able to see her at her Carmel office, which was a little closer to home. And she gave him a good report! She was able to read the EEG that he had done in Lafayette the day before and said things looked good. We had this EEG done because we saw some possible seizure activity after he was done with the medication. But everything looks good now. The doctor thought it was just his body adjusting to being off of everything. We are really seeing our boy back to his usual self and we are so very thankful for that.

We also had a fun Halloween. We carved our pumpkins and Andrew and I even made some pies out of one. We also took the boys out trick or treating for about 30 minutes and then passed out candy after that. It was a lot of fun and wasn't too cold. They were so adorable in their costumes.

David enjoyed putting up his decorations. Some of them were so scary and motion activated.

One house in our neighborhood really went all out with their decorations. They even dressed their golden retriever up like an angel. Very cute!

Benjamin wasn't too sure what to think about this doggie on his head!

A couple days before Halloween...

Andrew and I enjoyed making pumpkin pies this year. They taste so much better then the ones we've had from a can pumpkin. Would highly recommend. And this group tasted better then our first attempt because we didn't forget any ingredients this time! lol

Yum! We still have some in the fridge and also in the freezer ready for Thanksgiving.

Our trees turn such beautiful colors this time of year. The red one is my favorite. We think it's an oak or ash tree. Does anyone know what they are?
Here are some more recent pictures of the boys...

David and Andrew baked ginger bread cookies recently. They were SO good!
The boys are so cute in their jammies

Andrew loves his doggie that great grandma sent from Texas almost 2 years ago now. He's part of the family:)
Thanks for reading! I hope you had a safe and good Halloween. I can't believe it's November already and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. We have so much to be thankful for.


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