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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Got Allergies? (and FREE Shaklee Membership offer!)

Seasonal allergies are hitting VERY hard this spring! Are you finding that in your area too? Just about everyone I talk to lately has been complaining about them - including ME as of yesterday! Which is the reason for this post. :)

Yesterday afternoon I started sneezing, having the drippy nose and my eyes were watering. I knew right away what it was - allergies! ugh. They are not fun. I was sorry then that I hadn't been preparing for them like I knew I should. One way to do this is to start taking my allergy supplements to get my system prepared for the attack, which would prevent it from getting too bad. Here are some things that I take and that I give to my kids when they have allergy problems. I was able to get my allergies under control with this by evening and today feel a ton better:


This is a natural anti-histamine. It is actually an extremely nutrient-rich food and has been so helpful to me at keeping my allergy issues at bay. I once heard that alfalfa will stop a runny nose in its tracks. lol. That has been true for my kids. I give them Shaklee's alfalfa complex whenever they have a runny nose and it really does seem to stop it right away! My friend Emily called me last week when her allergies were very bad. She tried the alfalfa and told me that she felt relief soon after taking 2.

The alfalfa complex was one of Dr. Shaklee's original signature supplements. It is all-natural and is made from only the best ingredients. Shaklee is the #1 natural nutrition company in the US and has been around for over 50 years now. All of Shaklee's products come from natural sources and are made from top-quality ingredients.

 Alfalfa can have benefits other then for allergies: 

any muscle or joint aches
bone loss,
digestive issues,
skin issues,
body or foot odor,
bad breath,
detoxing during cleanses,
cardio issues,
kidney concerns,
hormone and menopause,
prenatal and lactation,
improved immune function,
helpful during colds/flu, 
And More!!

I like to think of it as a very healthy salad with lots of green veggies:)

The other supplement that I like to take for allergies is:

NutriFeron supports, regulates and stimulates healthy immune function. It protects against environmental irritants, airborne substances (allergens), bacteria and viruses and aides in healing. It helps your body respond better to illness and allergens. 

Dr. Kojima developed NutriFeron after discovering Interferon in 1954. NutriFeron developed this formula which boosts the body's own natural production of Interferon. It is a patented supplement found only with Shaklee. 

Along with Alfalfa and NutriFeron, my family takes Vitamin C when we are sick or dealing with allergies.

Raw Honey

I heard recently, that taking a teaspoon a day of your local raw honey, could help prevent seasonal allergies. This was said by a chiropractor who thought that the local pollen would be in the honey from the bees, and it would help your body build an immunity to it. I am just trying this now. It is a great excuse to eat some honey! Mmmmmm! :)

Shaklee is running a terrific free membership promotion this month! You can get a FREE lifetime membership with ANY product order! So if you would like to try any product this month, including the ones mentioned above for allergies, you will automatically get a free membership. Membership to Shaklee is like joining Costco or Sams Club, but without the annual fees. Members always save 15% on all product orders.  It's a great deal that I am excited to share with you! You can find out more details and take advantage of this offer HERE

If you would like to know why I love Shaklee so much, you can read my Shaklee story HERE.

I hope this information helps you with any allergy issues that you may have or may be susceptible to.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!


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