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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Fitness and Health Challenge coming July 28!!!

I am in LOVE with using my new iPhone to do the BurstClub Workouts! They are intense, 15 minute, low impact workouts you can do right from your phone or computer at home that burn up to 350 calories at a time! Burst is great for people who are just starting out in an exercise routine or are veterans and looking for fun ways to change it up and work different muscle groups. It's perfect for weight loss and toning. No equipment required! I will be running a 60 day online challenge group starting July 28th. You will get the BurstClub workouts , a month's worth of clinically proven safe and effective Shaklee 180 products including nutrient dense smoothees that help to burn fat and retain muscle mass, protein bars, energizing tea all that help you with cravings and boost metabolism! as well as meal plans and healthy recipes, and SUPPORT. There will be PRIZES and giveaways to keep you motivated too. Comment or like if you're interested on my Facebook page soon!

Super excited!


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