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Monday, July 28, 2014

Photo Contest! #ShakleeEffect

Hey Everyone! I am excited to share with you my Shaklee Effect story! Some of you have heard it but today I entered it into a photo contest! I need your help with votes as it started 10 days ago so I am behind!

This is my entry. I am so technologically challenged and put this together myself, which in my opinion deserves an award by itself. lol!

I grew up with Shaklee and when my youngest, Benjamin, was born Aug. 3, 2010 at 34 weeks, we were worried. He was very sick and spent the first 7 days of his life on a ventilator to breathe. The doctors wanted to fly him down to Riley children's. He had pneumonia and was predicted to have asthma and lots of ER visits when he gets a cold that will go to the lungs.

He did have one bought of illness at 13 months and was hospitalized when I ran out of his Shaklee children's vitamins!  I didn't think much of running out of vitamins at the time since he was so healthy. But he got a cold and another infection on top of that. The doctors were surprised with his history that that wasn't more typical for him.

Since then I make sure he gets his Shaklee vitamins every day to keep his immune system strong and he also lives in a toxin-free home thanks to Shaklee's Get Clean house hold cleaners! We are thankful that both of our boys are very healthy and haven't even had an ear infection! And Benjamin does not have asthma at the age of 4, to his doctor's surprise!

After Benjamin was born, I found myself to be at my heaviest weight. I was unhealthy both mentally and physically. That is when I got serious about the Shaklee 180 program and supplements. Shaklee really helped me to turn my health around and I am grateful! (my husband is too! lol) I lost a few pant sizes and a few inches and feel better at 38 then I did in my 20s!

Now I enjoy sharing my story with many other people and help them to create better health and better income for their family through Shaklee, which is the #1 natural nutrition company in the US and started in 1956!

I would greatly appreciate your vote through the Shaklee Corporation Facebook page on their photo contest. It goes through Aug. 12, 2014. Thanks so much. You can vote through this link HERE.    Be sure to click "vote" instead of like for it to count. And you can vote every 24 hours. Thank you!

And if you have a Shaklee story to share, please enter the contest too! You could get your story out to many that it may help or inspire and also win an all expense paid trip to Shaklee Headquarters in California where you will make your own #ShakleeEffect video!

Thanks for voting and have a great day! And don't forget that our July specials are ending very soon. Don't miss out on the deals and savings!


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