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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

July Specials and Freebies for You!!!…and a free trip to MAUI too!!!

I can hardly believe it is JULY already!!! Mid summer! Hot weather! Pool time! Fun Time!!! Fireworks! BBQs! What comes to mind for you?

With the new month comes some great new Shaklee Specials for you!!! And this month we have some more great ones…

New members or distributors to Shaklee will receive a FREE bottle of Carotomax!!! What's that? It is a supplement chalk full of Carotenoids and retails over $22! Carotenoids are found in certain foods like you see in this chart here:

If you are not getting enough from your food then you should consider a good quality supplement to fill in the gaps. And you can get just that for FREE in July!

Carotenoids are important for maintaining eye, heart, skin, lungs, prostate and cervix health. And many people are deficient in these important nutrients. They also help to maintain a strong immune system.

So how do you get your Free Carotomax? New members and distributors in Shaklee can do that with a minimum 50 PV order in July!!!

 I recommend getting our awesome Vitalizer strip of whole food vitamins because you will get a Free Shaklee membership (no minimums or annual fees, just perks and discounts for you. value 19.95) 

I take this daily and noticed a considerable boost in my energy levels and overall health when I started it. You would have to eat all of this organic food to get the equivalent vitamins and nutrients in one convenient strip.

And the coolest thing about Vitalizer, IMO, is the patented SMART delivery system so you know that the vitamins are dissolving in the right place in your body for optimal benefit. If you currently take vitamins, do a quick experiment by dropping one in a glass of water (can add a little vinegar for acidity) and see how long it takes to break down. It should break down in less then 30 minutes or you know it is simply passing through your body.

And the freebies continue where you can also get a FREE canister of Shaklee 180 Mango smoothee this month with any 200PV order!! This retails at $48!! This is one of my favorites and it is part of the same weight management program that helped me to lose the baby weight and maintain for 3 years!

My Shaklee 180 turnaround:

 when you join with at least 50PV to get the Carotomax for free, and order 2 more months of at least 50 PV you will get a coupon for a FREE product of your choice up to a $100 Value!!! Such awesome deals and I love sharing them with you!

I also want to share that Shaklee is taking people to MAUI in May!!! For FREE!!! These are people like you and me who use and love Shaklee products and share them. And by sharing them to help other people create healthier lives, You are rewarded with a red carpet trip to MAUI!!! 

I honeymooned in Maui 10 years ago and it is absolutely fantastic!!! My team and I are making a plan to get there and we would love to bring you too!!! My team is growing and we are looking forward to meeting up soon at the Shaklee Global Conference in California! Contact me for the details on all of this. Here's a quick video with some exciting info about Maui:

If you don't know, Shaklee is the #1 natural nutrition company in the US and started in 1956! My parents have been using Shaklee since 1975 and my husband and I love using the products in our home and have seen so many health benefits that we cannot help but share them with you. Shaklee's science and integrity is always  at the top of the industry.

And New Members or Distributors in the Waterways group will also enjoy FREE Shipping (up to $10) on 100PV or more orders through the end of JULY!!! 

If you are already a member in my group, then check your email for a great July special for you too!!!

So many freebies to share! Let me know if I can help you take advantage of any or all of the above! Thanks for stopping in and have a terrific day!!


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