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Monday, January 13, 2014

Healthy Mac and Cheese? Yes, Please!!

I was at the grocery store yesterday and noticed this new version of pasta that just came out that has veggies in it! It was on sale so I decided to buy a couple of boxes. There are 3 different varieties. This one has pureed squash and carrots which adds some vitamins and nutrients. Not as good as eating them raw but better then not having them at all.

It got me thinking about how my oldest has been begging me to make mac and cheese for him. I remember enjoying the traditional box of mac and cheese quite often when I was a kid. But there is more info out there now to indicate this may not be a good choice for people with all of the dyes, especially kids so my kids don't get that. We also have had some issues with dairy in the past so my kids don't get a lot of dairy so this would be a treat. 

I called my husband while at the store to ask him to look into my Deceptively Delicious cook book by Jessica Seinfeld (Jerry's wife) for the Mac and Cheese recipe. There happened to be two but he read me the ingredients for the first one here. The second recipe had pureed white beans or chick peas in it. Will have to try that sometime too!

If you aren't familiar with this book, I would recommend it if you are looking for ways to sneak some healthy things into recipes. Works great for picky kids and picky spouses too! :) I posted about her healthier brownie recipe awhile back too. So good!

It didn't take me long to make this and when it was done I told my kids what I had made. My oldest was practically jumping up and down he was so excited. My youngest who is 3 firmly announced, I don't like this dinner. I told him, it's lunch, not dinner, and you haven't even tried it! lol

But he held firm and reluctantly tried one bite and confirmed what he already thought to be true. I don't like it! ha ha!

But don't let that turn you away from trying this recipe. My 5 year old ate three bowls!!! And asked if he could have it again tomorrow. If only my kids had similar tastes in food it would make my job easier. Anyone else have this problem? I also ate some and thought it tasted pretty good!

I used pureed sweet potato which did make it taste a little sweeter. Next time I will try the pureed squash or cauliflower like Jessica suggests. I cut back on the amount of cheese the recipe called for and it was still very good. I also added chia seeds, which you couldn't even tell were in there once they expanded and cooked into the sauce. I also used almond milk because that is what we have in the house.

In place of flour, I used this Instant Protein, which I love to add to baked goods. It does not lose any nutrients when heated and is an excellent choice for a plant-based quality protein.

So that's it! The end result was quite good!

What are ways you sneak some health into your kids meals?

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Have a great day!


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