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Friday, January 3, 2014

Natural Fabreeze

I came across a recipe for a natural fabreeze awhile back and decided to make it last night to help freshen up my boy's bathroom a bit. I clean all of our bathrooms with a safe germicide from Shaklee called Basic G. It is safe and cleans and disinfects well. But my little one's bathroom needed a bit more freshness so I made this natural fabreeze. It worked really well, smells really nice and is safe and healthy for my family, including my youngest who was born with lung disease and we have to be more careful with. And it was quite simple to make. It took me only a few minutes to put together.


16 oz water in a sprayer
2 tsp Shaklee's Soft Fabric Concentrate (makes your clothes smell really nice in the laundry too without the harsh chemicals!)
a pinch of baking soda
shake and spray!

That's it! It works great for pet odor too!

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