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Friday, December 20, 2013

12 Days of Christmas - Day 10: ENERGY!!!

I hope you have been enjoying our 12 Days of Christmas specials as much as I have enjoyed writing them and offering them. I am so glad many of you have already been able to benefit from these deals. We just have a couple days left!! And today's is another great one….

In my health and wellness business, the biggest complaint I hear so often is a lack of energy! People are tired! We live in a busy, fast paced, working multiple jobs, taking care of a home and family kind of world. Kids are in a zillion activities, we are eating poorly because it is fast and convenient but not fueling our bodies and we are not getting enough sleep….



Can you relate?

If so then today's special is made for YOU!!! :) 

On the 10th Day of Christmas, Waterways gave to me….more energy from Shaklee!!!

And a FREE Vita D3!

Many people are deficient in Vitamin D3, especially in the winter months. It can help with mood, stress and your immune system.

When you order An Energizing Soy Protein (vanilla or cocoa) and any 3 of the following: Energy Chews, B Complex (any size container), Shaklee 180 Energizing Tea (pomegranate or green) VitalMag, Stress Relief Complex and Corenergy (total of 4 products) You will get…

Our Energizing soy protein is a non-GMO water washed protein. It is a pure form of soy protein that tastes great and my entire family enjoys. Protein is the building block of all cells and many people are deficient in good sources of protein. Soy is the most complete plant based protein out there and Shaklee's is the best quality to help you gain optimal nutrition.

Since I started on Shaklee nutrition a few years ago,  I noticed a considerable lift in my energy levels. The above products are some that I take daily and really benefit from to help gain energy and manage stress, especially during this time of the year when we all have a lot going on!

Energy Chews are part of our Sports Nutrition for extra stamina for athletes but I also like them on days I am really dragging. They are made from a green tea extract and have a natural caffeine. I love these!!!

The B Complex is your Happy Vitamin! Many people are deficient in B and this is a huge staple in my vitamin routine. It helps manage stress and also adds energy to my day. LOVE this product!!

I look forward to my energy tea every day. Hot or cold is great. I also like to add some of Shaklee Performance to it sometimes or lemon, lime or raw honey. Really refreshing and a huge boost in energy. This has a natural caffeine and is part of our Shaklee 180 weight management program but anyone can enjoy this great drink!

VitalMag is a sustained release supplement that can help with nerves, stress, energy, PMS symptoms and more. Many people are deficient in magnesium which can also help prevent headaches. 

Corenergy  (vegetarian) is a great herbal that can help maintain your energy levels and resist fatigue. 
Got stress? Stress Relief Complex can help! The science behind this supplement shows that it can help with relaxation, alertness, feeling less tense and having better concentration.

So when you order one of Shaklee's Energizing Soy proteins and 3 of the following: Energy Chews, B Complex, Shaklee 180 Energy tea, VitalMag, Corenergy, and Stress Relief Complex (4 products total) You will get a FREE Vita D3 From Me!!!

Be sure to check out the other 12 Days of Christmas specials and refer a friend to get a thank you gift from me.

You can start shopping HERE today for this great deal!

Hurry! This special ends Dec. 23, 2013!!

Our specials are good to Waterways Customers, distributors and members and new people to Shaklee. Please consult your distributor about matching our deals today.

Have a great and energy filled day!! And stop by and see me on Facebook soon too. Would love to connect there.


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