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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Advent Challenge day 5

Fun day today! The boys loved our Advent activities - writing letters to Santa and actually CALLING Santa and leaving him a message as to what they would like him to bring for Christmas! So cute. I had to throw in a little reminder as to why we actually give presents at Christmas time. Our priest a few years back suggested that each child receive only 3 gifts at christmas just as Jesus had received. My husband and I have tried that….it's pretty hard but we try not to go overboard. Maybe I should leave a message for Santa to let him know that too! 

Here is Santa's direct line. Just disregard the fact that it is a California number. I think that must be his vacation home. Or he is borrowing someone's cell phone to avoid the cost for us to call the North Pole :)

And tonight is special for another reason. St. Nick is coming to our house! Is he coming to yours too? We decided to put our Santa letters next to our stockings for St. Nick to personally deliver to the North Pole. Saves us a stamp:)

don't mind the fact that the stockings are not hung from the stocking holders. We were concerned that the kids would pull on the stockings and end up with a huge weight of a stocking holder on their head!

St. Nick always visited my house growing up. It's a fun tradition that I always looked forward to and my kids do too. I also read them "The Night Before Christmas" tonight, which is my favorite Christmas story. I couldn't wait any longer to read it. :)

What things did you do today? Are you getting prepared?

Thanks for reading! have a great day!!


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