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Friday, December 13, 2013

12 Days Of Christmas Specials - Day 3: ProSante Hair!

Yesterday I shared my favorite Enfuselle Skin Care products with you on our 12 days of Christmas, and how you can get a Free Refining Polisher. Today I would like to share the ProSante Hair Care products, which are really fantastic!

On the 3rd day of Christmas, Waterways gave to me….1/2 off a ProSante Shampoo or Conditioner when you order your choice of 3!

So when you order any 3 ProSante products, you can take 1/2 off another ProSante Shampoo or Conditioner!!! These are products my entire family uses every day. And they are concentrated so a little goes a long way.

Do you have thinning or unhealthy hair? Is your hair limp or lifeless? Would you like more volume and bounce? Or just looking for good quality hair care products that won't break the bank?

Shaklee's awesome Vitamin Hair Care program consists of 

And they are clinically proven to thicken hair and improve the health of your hair!

I use the shampoos, conditioners and finishing spray and my hair is very thick and healthy.
My husband is thinning and recently decided to try the ProSante system. I will report back as time goes on to show you how it is working for him. And my young boys use the Shampoo. Completely safe for my entire family and works really well for keeping our hair healthy.

ProSante is Paraben Free and is not tested on animals.

Here is an idea of the usage you would need for your hair. Everyone is different so you would choose what works best for you. ProSante gives the best results when using it as a system.

 Here is a great testimony to the products. 

The data is impressive!

So that's it! Order any 3 ProSante Hair Care products through Waterways and take 1/2 off an additional shampoo or conditioner! Note: Be sure to add your extra shampoo or conditioner to your cart and your special will be rebated to you.

Our 12 Days of Christmas specials are offered to existing Waterways customers, distributors and members and anyone who is new to Shaklee. If that is not you, then please contact your distributor to see about matching our specials.

You can start shopping HERE for the great savings today!

This special ends December 15, 2013.

Thanks for taking a look! Refer a friend to our deals and get a thank you gift from me! And please visit me on Facebook soon! Would love to connect with you there.


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