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Monday, December 16, 2013

12 Days of Christmas Special Day 6 - ViVix!

I have been waiting to share this one on my 12 Days of Christmas Specials and can't wait any longer! I LOVE Shaklee's anti-aging product - Vivix! It is a tonic that is patented and helps to fight aging at the cellular level. For me, I love the extra energy and overall good health I get from Vivix!

On the 6th Day of Christmas, Waterways gave to me, $5 off a bottle of Vivix from Shaklee!!!

There have been some impressive studies done with Vivix to show how it decreases the inflammatory response when eating a fast food, high calorie meal.

And how it can help to SLOW down the aging process of your body!

Showing how Vivix helps to promote the health and longevity of your cells. Cool, isn't it?

Vivix Health Benefits:

Immune Function
Joint Health
Brain Health
Antioxidant Protection
Heart Health
Cardiovascular Function
General Health and Wellbeing

Vivix is a fantastic gift for a loved one this holiday OR for yourself!!!! (which is actually giving a gift to your loved ones as it can help you to be healthier and perhaps live longer! :)

A great short story and testimony (bottom) of how Vivix helped a breast cancer patient recover. 

So when you order Vivix from Waterways I will rebate you $5 of the cost! And if you put it on autoship, you will save an additional 10% from your price! Members will save $13.50 with this deal on autoship!!!

Kosher Vivix is also available.

Hurry! This deal ends December 19, 2013!!! Be sure to check out our deals from the past days. some haven't expired yet!

Our specials are available to all Waterways customers, members and distributors and anyone new to Shaklee. Please check with your distributor about matching our offers.

Thanks for stopping in! Have a wonderful week!


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