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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Advent Challenge Day 18

One week till Christmas! Can you believe it? Are you getting ready?

Today was my oldest's last day of pre-k for the year so he got to stay later and have a pizza party. I took my youngest out to lunch so he had a fun day too. We are looking forward to being able to sleep in a little more for the next couple of weeks and enjoy more family fun activities.

I had a different Advent activity in mind for today but then I saw a friend post a picture on Facebook of her kids playing with snow inside today! We did that for the last few years and the kids loved it so we changed our activity today and brought snow in to play with! It's still pretty cold outside and easier to bring it in to us. The kids think it is the best idea. :)

Have you tried this with your kids before?

Have a great day and be sure to stop by our 12 Days of Christmas sales! Scroll through to find something good for you or a friend.


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