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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Advent Challenge Day 10

My boys were really excited when they learned our Advent activity today was to make CANDY!!! :) It's a dangerous thing for me to have sweets in the house because I have the ultimate sweet tooth. I really do. So I usually do not have it in the house to be tempted by. But once a year, it is fun to make and share as gifts.

Today we made something very simple. I got this recipe from my husband's family friend, Nettie. She made these for us a few years ago and I could not.stop.eating.them.!!!!!

You need round pretzels, which you can only find around the holidays. So I usually stock up so I can make these again for Valentine's and Easter.

You also need chocolate. I make it easy and use chocolate chips. Both milk and white. Dark chocolate would also work well.

And holiday colored M&Ms! That's it! Not so healthy but very yummy!!!

You simply melt the chocolate. (I keep it simple and do it in the microwave). spoon it into the pretzels on wax paper or I like to use my Damarle silpat pan so it doesn't stick. Then add an M&M, which what my kids helped with. After that I put it in the fridge for at least 20 minutes for the chocolate to get a bit hard and then enjoy! Or give away which is what I always try to do. :)

Do you have a holiday candy recipe to share? I am always looking for quick and easy to do with the kids.

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