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Friday, December 6, 2013

Advent Challenge Day 6

My kids were more excited to see what St. Nick brought them this morning then they were about our Advent activity. Do you celebrate St. Nick at your house? It's something I grew up with and apparently only certain areas of the country celebrate because of the people that settled in those areas from Europe. My home area of Milwaukee county is one of those as many people from Poland settled there years ago. My maternal grandfather was one of them. Traditionally, St. Nick left fruit and nuts in children's shoes. When I was little he always left candy in our stockings so that is where he leaves them in our house too.

St. Nick brought the kids a couple of Christmas books, a little candy, and a match box car. He also left us a Ginger Bread House decorating kit. And coincidentally, that happened to be our Advent activity for today!

We had a lot of fun making it although it reminds me once again that I am not crafty, nor am I patient with details on crafty things. lol. I remember last year saying to myself not to get one of these again but St. Nick brought it so I couldn't send it back. :)

Ours didn't turn out perfect. In fact, I think they should put some less then perfect pictures on the box to show people what they "may" look like when they are finished. But it was made with my boys and we had a fun time doing it and it was truly perfect in their  eyes. They didn't care that our piping tip broke from the bag half way through or that mommy was making a terrible mess trying to get the frosting just right. lol. It was a good lesson to work in about how we are not perfect and that is ok. In God's eyes we are all His children and are perfect to Him because we are made in His image. 

What activities did you do today? Have you ever decorated a ginger bread house?

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!! And please stop over and visit me on Facebook soon! Leave a comment to let me know how your Advent is going so far.


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