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Monday, December 9, 2013

Advent Challenge Day 9

Did you know that the tradition of sending Christmas cards started in the UK around the year 1840? It soon made it's way to the US but most people could not afford them then. It is a popular tradition today and many people enjoy sending pictures of their family, Christmas letters, and even things digitally! 

Our Advent activity today was to make homemade Christmas cards for some family members. The boys enjoyed making them and coloring them. 

I also like to send out our family's card and usually put some letter in the form of a poem or song in them. If you are waiting on that from me this year I am afraid you may be disappointed. I have decided not to write a letter this year. Mostly because you all know the news of the year through Facebook and my blog. So keep checking here and on Facebook to know the news of the day. I promise to have a pretty big announcement coming in the near future. And no, no baby news yet. :)

How did you spend your day? did you do any Advent activities?

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