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Sunday, December 15, 2013

12 Days of Christmas - Day 5 Get Clean!

It has been a lot of fun sharing our 12 Days of Christmas Specials with you! As you may know, I grew up with Shaklee and specifically the wonderful and non-toxic cleaners. I got away from Shaklee when I went to college and started using the products again a few years ago when I became a mom. The cleaners really impressed me because I was looking for something safe and non-toxic around my young son, that also would not break the bank. Shaklee was the perfect fit!

On the 5th Day of Christmas, Waterways gave to me a FREE SCOUR OFF when you order a Get Clean Starter kit from Shaklee!!

Shaklee has been a green company before it was popular. In fact, our signature cleaner, Basic H2 has been around for over 50 years and was the first earth day product in 1970! 

Your Get Clean Starter kit gives you so much cleaning power at a fraction of the cost you would spend with all of this...

If you are looking to get rid of toxic chemicals from your house for good, then the Shaklee Get Clean Starter kit has everything you need for your household cleaners, laundry and dish detergents! And it's so cost effective and the products will last you a long time!!!

The Scour Off paste that I am giving you for free when you order a Get Clean start kit is one of my favorite cleaners for the stove top, oven, shower, tub…basically anything you need a heavy duty cleaner for. It's made of cherry pits and smells so good! One of these will last you 1-3 years!!

All of Shaklee cleaners, from household cleaners to laundry and dish detergents, are completely safe for you, safe for your family and the environment! And they go a long way as they are so concentrated. And - THEY WORK!!!! Really well! And your Get Clean starter kit has them all! :)

Check out This Post I wrote a few years ago about how my family detoxed our home and went from 20 toxic cleaners to only 3 non-toxic cleaners for our entire house!!!

My youngest son, Benjamin, was born 3 years ago 6 weeks premature. He had terrible lung disease, was on a ventilator for the first week of his life to breathe. We were told he would be asthmatic and when he got a cold there was a good chance it would turn into something more like bronchitis, RSV or pneumonia. I am very happy to say that Benjamin is a very healthy little boy! He had one bought of pneumonia at 13 months and his doctor said he was surprised that wasn't a regular occurrence from his early history. His pulmonologist at Riley Children's hospital, who we were seeing fairly regularly, was shocked that he is not asthmatic and said we didn't have to continue to see her. We are very thankful to Shaklee non-toxic cleaners and their wonderful children's supplements to help prevent illness for our son.

Shaklee cleaners are so safe that if someone accidentally ingests them, it will not be fatal or even send you to the ER! Anyone can throw chemicals together to clean something, but how safe is that for you? Shaklee cleans and is safe too. Love this!

Take a look at this quick video to learn more about how these cleaners are a great choice for your family.

Thanks for taking a look today. Please share and refer a friend to receive your thank you gift from me!

You can start your Get Clean shopping HERE now to detox your home for good and make it a very safe place for your entire family. We have 2 great Get Clean starter kits to choose from to get your Scour off for Free! (note the mini kits and healthy home kit will not work with this special) Contact me before ordering so I can set you up or order your Scour Off and receive a rebate.

Our Shaklee specials are available to all Waterways customers, members or distributors or new people to shaklee. Talk to your shaklee distributor about matching our deals.

This offer ends Dec. 20, 2013!

Have a great day!!


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