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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Advent Challenge Day 8

Today marks the second week of Advent already! So we lit our second candle. I love having the candles lit at dinner. The boys really enjoy it too and it has turned into a bit of a science experiment with our oldest as he has been so curious about the candles burning down and getting smaller. He is wondering when the first candle will completely burn down. :)

Today's Advent activity was to bring presents to church for the children that we donate to through our church donation tree. Each year our church has paper ornaments on the tree for us to choose if we wish, and bring items for another child. We chose two, one for each boy, and always try to choose a child that is similar in age to our boys. We have fun shopping for them and bought some clothes and toys that were suggested on the ornaments.

Today was the day to bring the items in as next week our church will have the Jubilee Christmas for these children in need.

What activity did you do today?

Have a blessed week! And please stop over and visit me on Facebook soon! :)


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