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Saturday, December 21, 2013

12 Days of Christmas Day 11 - Vitalizer & Protein

We are in the final stretch of our 12 Days of Christmas specials! You can scroll through to see the ones that are still available and take advantage of those! I also have a great one for you today!!!

On the 1st Day of Christmas specials I offered you a Free Shaklee Membership with the purchase of Vitalizer! Today's deal is with Vitalizer and protein and is even sweeter then the first day because you can get that deal plus this deal!!

Shaklee has a guarantee on all of our great products. However, there is a special guarantee: when you take Vitalizer and one of our great protein powders, you will have more energy and overall feel better or your money back!!!

On the 11th day of Christmas, Waterways gave to me better health and wellbeing AND more energy from Shaklee!!

When you order one of Shaklee's Vitalizers (for women, men and gold for people over 50) and one canister of protein (either Energizing Soy Protein or Shaklee 180 Smoothee mix) you will get an additional canister of protein at 1/2 price for added nutritional benefits at half the cost!!! In addition you will get a Free Shaklee membership with the order of Vitalizer. 

Protein is the building block of all cells in the body. (hair, skin, nails…) As our body loses cells daily and makes new cells, we want those cells to be normal and healthy. Shaklee protein helps that to happen. We have a few great options on this deal today.

Our Energizing soy protein is a non-GMO water washed protein. It is a pure form of soy protein that tastes great and my entire family enjoys. Protein is the building block of all cells and many people are deficient in good sources of protein. Soy is the most complete plant based protein out there and Shaklee's is the best quality to help you gain optimal nutrition. You have the choice of vanilla or cocoa.

Shaklee 180 smoothee mix is a full meal replacement and something I have every morning. I love the taste, convenience and health benefits I get from this drink. Your choice of vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, cafe latte and for a very limited time this month vanilla chai. Mango is coming in January! 

 I try to eat well, but don't always achieve that. When I started on Vitalizer plus Shaklee protein I have been so much healthier and have had so much more energy to chase my little boys around. :) It has helped me to fill in the gaps in my diet and I am appreciative of the many health benefits (immune, mood, energy) that I have gotten!

I take this every day and have really noticed a big boost in my energy levels and overall health!

It comes in a formula for women, men and people over the age of 50. 

Every vitamin and nutrient your body needs comes in one convenient strip, which is great for traveling.

You get 80 bio-optimized nutrients that are clinically proven to create the foundation for a longer, healthier life! 

Here is some data from the 2007 study done at UC Berkley School of public health showing how long term users of Shaklee supplements are across the board healthier then people who did not take any supplements and people who just took another brand's multivitamin.

When choosing a supplement, it is important to know what you are getting. Basically you get what you pay for. If you choose the cheapest, there is a possibility that it is just passing through your body without helping you at all. Basically, you would be better off to save that money on those type of supplements. It is also good to choose a whole-food supplement rather then synthetic and something that does not have artificial flavors, coloring, preservatives, etc. 

Vitalizer has several patents on the SMART delivery system alone, which is shown to get each vitamin to the place in your body where it needs it the most before the vitamin breaks down. 

Our probiotic, Optiflora, which is in the Vitalizer, is shown to get all the way down into your colon before breaking down! It is guaranteed to deliver millions of live microflora to your lower intestine, which to my knowledge no other company can claim!

Here is a quick video to learn more about the benefits Vitalizer can give to you and your loved ones this holiday season.

So today through Dec. 24 when you order any Vitalizer (autoship will save you an additional 10% but isn't required for this deal. you have complete control over your autoship and can change any time) and any protein (energizing soy or Shaklee 180 smoothee) you will get an additional protein canister at half price!!! Be sure to put your second protein of your choice in your cart and you will be rebated the savings! Mention this deal when ordering to save!

Share with a friend and get a thank you gift from me!

Our specials are good for Waterways customers, members and distributors and new people to shaklee. Please check with your distributor about matching our deals.

Thanks and have a great day!!


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