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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

FREE Shipping for the Holidays!! ends soon!!!

Who doesn't love FREE? And FREE Shipping for holiday shopping? LOVE THAT!!

Many of you know that I am partnered up with Shaklee, the #1 Natural Nutrition Company in the US! I grew up with this amazing company and its wonderful products and love sharing Shaklee with friends like you!

Shaklee makes awesome, unique and healthy gift ideas for your friends and family. (and mine too! :)

Here are some gift ideas:

A gift basket of non-toxic, earth-friendly cleaning products or laundry products for your loved ones - maybe friends with a new baby.

Baby products and vitamins for the little ones in your life.

A spa basket of Shaklee's anti-aging vitamin skin care like Enfuselle. Or Hair care products like ProSante.

A box of Vitalizer to fill in the gaps in our nutrition this holiday season with the gift of good health. Or combine it with our tasty protein for extra nutrition.

Our anti-aging tonic Vivix

Pure water with our lovely and awesome water pitcher and filters.

A shaker cup full of Shaklee 180 smoothee packets, energizing teas, snack bars and snack crisps.

Stress Relief complex and something to go with it like a certificate for a massage or our tea for your friend who works too hard!

A sports nutrition basket for your favorite athlete.

A basket with cold and flu busters including some Vitamin C!

So many ideas! Contact me for more great gift ideas.

HURRY! The Free shipping deal ends this Saturday, Nov. 16, 2013! 

*Free shipping is offered to all members, distributors, associates and customers of Shaklee who place a $200 or more product order by 11/16/13. Shipping cost up to $20 will be taken off before you checkout. Autoshipments excluded.

For more info and ideas and to shop join me HERE.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful day!


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